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  1. Yes I'm sure you are right and i'm sure they do. Its just the sweeping assumption that everyone who gets on at the stops where it gets crowded just don't bother to pay.
  2. Why do you assume that the people that get on at Elsecar, chap & Meadowhall get a free ride! I get the 08:12 at chap every morning but it doesn't mean I get a free journey - if in fact I can actually get on the train that is. I have been left stranded on the platform on numerous occasions and been late for work because of it. Chapeltown is a non-ticketed station so you HAVE to buy a ticket on the train unless you pay for a monthly travel pass which a lot do btw. Now all this week I have not had a conductor come to me on the way to work but this does mean I do not have a ticket. It has nothing to do with employing more staff at all - they need more carriages on the rush hour trains so that everyone can get seated and so the conductor can get down the train to check the tickets. I have written to Northern Rail on many occasions to complain about the situation but there are legal limits as to how many they can cram onto a train (unlike buses) so until they as a company are made to do something about it it will remain exactly the same. I know one of the conductors that works this route and he has actually told me that they have no incentive to collect fares as the subsidies they get is more than enough, quoting this so I don't know if this is actually true or not.
  3. Hi sufinjim no that not be farmer geoff it was another bloke who has lived there years in the "old" house. Geoff lives in the first house up the lane - we did go with the intention of trying to chat with farmer Geoff but found this other chap instead. G
  4. Hi Everyone Thanks for all our help with this. We hve been today and it is indeed Barnes Hall Farm off Bracken Hill at Burncross Chapeltown. The electoral register has it listed as Grenoside why I don't know it has never been Grenoside and I think this is where the all the confusion has been. Anyhow found exctly what I wanted by chatting to the gent who lives int he farm house. Thanks Gail
  5. no it isn't semantics if there is actually one in chapeltown and one in grenoside as well. and the one on bracken hill is chapeltown. I am still researching the fact there could be one in grenoside - two totally different areas of sheffield and bracken hill is most definitely chapeltown I LIVE THERE.
  6. Hi I know the postcodes for that area - I live there. thanks Gail
  7. Hi thanks I know how to use google and that doesn't show anything to do with Branes Hall really does it. Thanks Gail
  8. yes I know that one but that's chapeltown not grenoside. Thanks Gail
  9. Hi Does anyone know where this is? I know Grenoside really well but don't this at all. Thanks Gail
  10. Hi That's great - who are the sheffield indexers i've never heard of them. If you have a website or tel contact that would be great. Thanks Gail
  11. Hi I am searching for a Frank Bradbury (building contractors) or any living relative who resided on the Wheel at Ecclesfield in 1950. I know this is a long shot but I've searched everywhere apart from St Mary's chruch records so far. Thanks Gail
  12. Hi there is a tailor in scholes village (works from home) but I'm sorry i can't remember his name. my other half used him a couple of years ago - he could be in the yellow pages.
  13. Hi yes very interesting. basically gave the solicitor a right old ear bashing for sending such a stupid letter and then emailed him my response to his letter with all the facts that she had left out!!! Basically ended with let her sue me then. We have never had a row written into our deeds we have a perscriptive row exactly the same as she has. thanks for all your help everyone ooo forgot to say in all this as well - my other half is a chartered surveryor - go figure!
  14. Hi It is written in my deeds dated 1881 so can't got to original vendor. It is the neighbours that are insisting that the boundary fence is reinstated - whcih is not a problem to me at all as we were going to ut it back anyhow. To cut a long story short * I move in put up large wooden fence (boundary as per deeds) 13 years ago * she grows plants on it and attachs a watering system for her plants * fence continually falls down because of her rotting it away over this period * we continually repair damaged bit of fence * another post goes so fence panels have to be removed to replace post * before wehave time (literally days) to fix it she puts up her own fence * GREAT sod it i'll not bother * 5 years later * she parks in front of my garage and blocks us in/out - [art of continual harrassment by them toward us * i purchase land off neighbour that we use to get to our garages (rear of our gardens) * she doesn't belive I own it and keeps parking there * I threaten her with parking enforcement * she assaults my husband and makes threats on our lives by saying she will torch our house while we are in it * police arrest her (my husband tells police to just warn her not arrest) * last night I get a solicitors letter saying that she will sue me for trespass if I continue to use access to garage (which I own by the way) abd that she insists that in line with our deeds that I reinstate the boundary fence/wall I will be building a 6ft brick wall - but I had wondered in the meantime what I could legally get away with until we can be bothered to do it! thanks for all your help - sorry didn't really want to bore you with all the above but probably puts it more into perspective.
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