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  1. thank you for the help responses i have received, mainly by PM, understandably. Daven- thank you for your comment but residential homes don't have the properly trained nursing care, which is needed for diabetes, my mum has been diabetic for more than 40 yrs. She has been non symptomatic hypo and has had nill hypo awareness for the last 18 months. Mum is an 'erratic diabetic' as quoted by her consultant.
  2. Sadly last year our mum was found to be too poorly to look after her self. We as a family were advised mum had to go into a Nursing Home. Mum has type 1 Diabetes and Dementia, we've had no end of problems with the manager of the nursing home (that we and mum choose, staff friendly caring residents happy, sadly this all changed when mum moved in) the woman is rude, abrupt and shows no empathy at all. I've involved CQC, we need to move mum, but until the LPA is finalised were stuck. Please if anyone has any recommendations, stories about there loved ones being well cared for, being treat with dignity, please send me a message. Thank you, Kay
  3. Many Thanks to all replies, You've all been so helpful, much thanks once again from my sister whos travelling the south and no shes not a blonde bimbo all the time, Cheers, Kay.
  4. Does anyone know of any petrol stations open in Sheffield on Christmas day?????????
  5. hi I NEED a cat sitter as i am going into hospital - please contact me with prices and further details. thanks
  6. I'm posting this for my daughter who has an 18 month(2 years on July 02). It seems impossible to find child care free or otherwise for this age group, my daughter has tried so many places for help and doesn't seem to get any where. Any ideas...
  7. I posted an AD needing advice regarding a reputable washing machine man. I would like to say a huge thanks to Spelio(sorry could be and is probably spelt wrong) a forum user. Thank you.:)
  8. I would like to thank all that have responded to my post with replies, and apologises for not having the chance to reply sooner. Myself and my little man took a trip to the vet because I knew he was 'out of sorts'. It would appear that he has the on set of cataracts in both eyes...I know he's still so young to think this could be possible but this as the vet has said could probably be due to the change in his nature...I need to reassure him that I'm the pack leader so to speak. To answer other questions, he had his 'plums' removed a year ago and for those who think breed does matter he's what the old folk call a 'nanny dog', staffy to others, and as much as I love and trust him I would never leave him alone with my grandson. Basically that's just being responsible as every dog owner should be. Thanks for reading what seems to be a full chapter in a book.:)
  9. My dog has started to get a little keen towards other dogs and more upsetting, children when we are out on a walk. He's 2 and a half, I've had him since 8 weeks old. I have an eighteen month old grandson and they adore each other. Any advice, ideas would be much appreciated.
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