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  1. I think beginning a club would be brilliant maybe we could contact a mutual community centre and if we got enough people could meet up there ?
  2. Hi I am after a baby female ferret must be tamed and young if anyone knows any near sheffield a or close
  3. Hi I am wondering if anyone is in the same boat as me and would like to buddy up at the gym? I go to better gym Sheffield penistone road and am looking for a buddy to go with.
  4. Hi my name is shoana and I am 25 years old 4 weeks ago I had significant hearing loss in my right ear and it has knocked my social life and confidence for six , since ethos happened I have not ventures out of my home and it is a real scary thing to go through. I was wondering if there was anyone going through the same thing that would like to meet or any social clubs close to s6 of Sheffield I could join . Many thanks.
  5. thank you I will pop down today as ordering online delivery is dearer than plant
  6. hi I am wondering if anyone can tell me if there is a live plant store for plants or a carnivorous nature. or if anyone is getting rid of any ?
  7. hi, my name is shoana. I'm not sure if I am in the right place, forgive me If I am not. I have suffered with bad ears from a very young age, recently my right ear has got worse and all muffled. I am afraid that I will eventually go deaf. I was wondering if there is any others who are deaf, partially deaf and how did you adapt. I would like to make friends with people going through the same thing and educate myself. thank you very much and I hope to hear from people.
  8. hi, could I please have more information on this please? I would be really interested in helping out I am free most of the time.
  9. Hi, i am new to running and i am currently on the couch to 5k and was wondering if there is any other people out there in the same situation? Who would like to meet up and go running a few times a week? I live in foxhill but could go to grenoside or Hillsborough to run.
  10. Thank you I look forward to it just need to print my barcode off . Is there a link anywhere to route for Hillsborough one? Thanks again.
  11. Thank you for replying to my post i appreciate it. That sound great , is there a link to the route at all? Happy to hear there isn't much of an hill to haha.
  12. Hi, i am new to running and currently doing the couch to 5k . I am thinking of going to parkrun every weekend class it as an extra day of training also track my progress with been timed . My closest one is Hillsborough, has anyone on here been to that one, what's the turn out like? Many thanks in advance
  13. Thank you very much i have registered with parkrun . My closest one is Hillsborough have you been there before if so what's it like? I like that you can have your time sent to you specially going every weekend i can see if I'm improving in time
  14. Hi i am a new runner , and currently training for a few 5k events , i run around 12 Min miles with odd stop and walk, does anyone know of any up and coming 5k events in Sheffield i could have something to aim for thank you
  15. Hi I am looking for a gecko in the Sheffield area does anyone know own a trusted breeder or shop ? I already have a set up
  16. Can anyone recommend a dog trainer who will help. I have a female border collie who is fear reactive of other dogs , can anyone recommend a good trainer who uses position training methods I'm in Sheffield s6
  17. Where is the crags hun? And would I be able to keep her on the lead o start off with till she relaxes round them?
  18. Hi i am wondering if anyone has a very laid back dog that I could meet up with to help socialise my border collie with, she's been attacked 6 times by dogs and it's knocked her back , she tends to bare her teeth and nibble ears
  19. hi , I am wanting to write my own book on my own personal events, my problem is when it comes to actually writing it my mind goes blank and I cant word it in a way the people who will be reading it will understand my feelings in the writing has anyone got any advice at all when it comes to writing personal events in a book that involves your life and how to set it out
  20. hi, I am currently starting out as a dog walker, I have experience of caring for dogs as I have grew up with them from a young age, I also own a border collie who is 3 years old, I have a great passion for dogs and love being in there company, I have worked with all different sizes and breeds in the past I used to work in a dog rescue centre in Ireland. I am a dog walker in s6 Sheffield, if anyone has any questions please don't hesitate to ask I will be willing to answer any questions. to book at the moment I am using this link https://uk.dogbuddy.com/MHZIW . I am waiting on my CRB. through the link I have provided they will be insured and 24 7 emergency access. I also send pictures of our walks if you request and can take videos to.
  21. Thank you cyclone for your advice ill be sure to take it on board throughout my journey , I will be doing research on other businesses down the route I'm going . Chez2 of course your advise was good and I took it on board also that's why I posted here everyone's advice is good to me, you can't really say I ddon't have the necessary skills to make a go of it, it'slike telling a newborn baby Iit doesn't have the necessary skills to walk, it takes time like everything in life does that's why I said I'm giving myself a year or two to get everything together ---------- Post added 23-11-2016 at 16:17 ---------- Didn't mean for you to take me as ungrateful at all chez2 because i really do appreciate your advice
  22. Thank you for the advice started a business plan the other a it makes it a lot more clearer when it's in front of me so thank you marx ... and thank you bethanywalke , chez2 I posted this add here as it's to chat about business, they could be ex business owners who no longer run there own business who would be willing to give advice or kind people like marx and bethanywalke willing to pass knowledge down to me which I'm greatful for. ---------- Post added 23-11-2016 at 13:42 ---------- And yes i have been around this line of work for many years , just giving myself a while to get to grips with the thins that come along with owning your own business as tats one thing I haven't done before but anything is possible with hard work
  23. I would love to, I've just been on your website he's such an handsome chap , the only thing i struggle with is transport as i don't have a car just yet , i lie in Sheffield it would be hard for me to get there and back often
  24. Thank you very much, I like Grenoside woods, also riverlin when it is quiet which should very rare, it's okay that's if they don't drag lol I'd love to find a local dog rescue centre and may be contact them and ask if I could also help out with the dogs in kennels and exercising them daily I love exercising with dogs there such good companions and trainers because you can't top they re full of energy lol
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