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  1. The railway line that runs from exchange sidings at Deepcar onto the steelworks is not available for use by public transport. It belongs to the Stocksbridge Railway Company (a wholly owned subsidiary of Tata steel) it is not and never has been part of the national rail network. Any suggestion that the steelworks is in someway hampering "reopening" the line to public use is simply wrong, it was never open to public transport.
  2. In Cornwall this May, a council worker had disturbed it while tidying a path, it soon disappeared into the undergrowth.
  3. When I walk my dog I always carry bags and I do clean up after him. However if some oik from the council challenges me to prove it, he can get ready for an argument. ---------- Post added 11-06-2015 at 08:21 ---------- As for horses dumping in the street, as a former motorcyclist I can tell you it's a lot more dangerous than anything a dog can leave behind, although riding down a road that has just had a herd of cows on it is worse.
  4. The best advice is to forget it. Even if you don't lose your life savings and go bankrupt you will work long hours for little reward and have to put up with all the unpleasantness that comes with dealing with drunks. All the while the pubco/brewery will be working against you, squeezing ever harder. The only chance you have is if you can buy a pub outright and fill it with customers, not easy in this day and age.
  5. I find it incredible that some people are trying to divert attention away from the idiot cyclist and are focusing on the bus driver as if he is in any way at fault.
  6. What a load of codswallop, the landlord made a decision based on what happened at the same event the previous year. "Travellers DNA diverged from settled communities between 1000 and 2000 years ago". That's not the bulk of the traveller population, whatever their background not many of them have been travelling for more then a few generations, the main difference between "them and us" is their complete and utter disregard for the rule of law, travelling allows them the freedom to rob, steal and disrupt wherever they turn up without working and paying their dues and demands like the rest of us do. Lets be quite sure who we are referring to here, white, Caucasian, mostly northern European people who have made a lifestyle choice, not ethnic Gipsies which are a distinct racial group that originate in northern India. I'm not suggesting the Romany population is without issues, especially those recently arrived from eastern Europe but that's a different discussion.
  7. Christians like Muslims and all sorts of other "god" cults are selective about which bits of their religion they choose to follow and/or treat as apocryphal, there are plenty of bits in the bible that suggest homosexuality is an abhorance and should be treated with extreme violence. So the posters that suggest "jesus" would have behaved any different to the cake makers are probably wide of the mark.
  8. This is just stupid, operators of licenced premises have a specific duty in the terms of their licence to manage their businesses in a safe and trouble free manner. if you have ever been in a pub that gets visited by "travellers" ( which aren't an ethnic or racial group anyway) you would very soon understand why barring them outright immediately is a good idea.
  9. Whilst I support the gay couples right to their freedom to continue their lives in a world free from prejudice, I also think that the cake shop owners should be afforded the same right to their personal beliefs and convictions and be allowed to conduct their lives with the same sort of choices that the gay couple are struggling for.
  10. How dare you suggest that cyclists should behave themselves and obey the highway code! Shame on you!
  11. So the tavern is now a "former pub" no chance of it reopening then.
  12. Are you seriously suggesting TC should employ gas appliance inspectors in all the resorts they use? What about electrical appliance inspectors or chemists to test the pool and water systems and food hygiene specialists to check the kitchens. It might put the price of holidays up a bit. TC are a holiday company not the local authority, I'm sure they do audits of the hotels and check the paperwork is up to local standards, they will do a quick visual inspection of the hotel facilities but that's it, it's not practical to do anything else. That's why no blame has been attached to TC because they did everything "reasonable and practicable" (for those that don't know that's a term used a lot in UK health and safety regulations)
  13. I used to know one or two Socialist Workers Party members, none of them had jobs??
  14. If you don't have any experience or familiarity with any particular editor, why not download Gimpshop and give it a try. it is fully featured and you're going to have to learn one or another it might as well be a free one.
  15. As has been said by others brake fluid absorbs water and should be changed before excess water content in the fluid causes brake failure. However the two year service interval recommended by nearly all manufacturers is for most people is a bit over the top. I bought a brake fluid tester which gives an indication of moisture level in brake fluid and tells you when the fluid actually needs changing, my wife's car is five years old and the tester still shows minimal moisture content. My car on the other hand showed excessive moisture levels, I am currently overhauling the brakes and have already spent £400 on replacement parts.
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