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  1. Here you go Jez'll sort you out. http://www.facebook.com/sheffieldhoney?ref=ts&fref=ts
  2. Just to satisfy my curiosity; what was the currency circulation multiplier you used in coming to this conclusion?
  3. It's unlikely Morrison's are paying the cost of the offer. Nearly all the offers you see in supermarkets are paid for by the producers or distributors. As an aside the current milk costs aren't a good example of supermarkets using their power to reduce farmer's incomes. The latest fall in milk price is driven by the food processing companies and was caused by a crash in demand for the by products especially cream.
  4. I have to ask; Did you actually read the article? . The medium took part in a test, the protocols of which she had agreed to, and scored zero out of ten.
  5. So what are your specific criticisms of James Randi's protocol?
  6. Hmm.. 'research' commissioned for the release of a video game...... well that's me convinced they are coming then.
  7. I really don't understand people falling for the 'half price' con when avoiding it is so easy. Look at what you are buying, look at the price. If the item is worth that price to you buy it if not replace it on the shelf. The other major con is reducing pack size, not only in the branded items such as your biscuits and chocolate bars, but especially in the pre packed fruit and vegetables. I can buy a pack of carrots for £1, whoopee! but wait how big is the pack? There was a radio programme about a successful local grocer in London. In it he had to point out to a customer that although his strawberries cost £4.95 compared to the supemarkets £4.25 his packs were twice the size. The problem with shopping locally is often car parking. If a supermarmket applies for planning permission for a car park it is almost always granted, the reverse is true when small shop owners petition for the same thing.
  8. Recently it's been Agricola, because one of my friends is addicted to it. Play Carcassonne (sp?), Dominion (card game really), Stone Age, Power Grid, and Small World fairly regularly. Just bought Twilight Struggle but not played it yet.
  9. Luxury, I can rember typing in BASIC listings from computer magazines. Must have had way tooo much time on my hands.
  10. That voice in your head you choose to refer to as god - it's batting 0 from 2 for me so far..
  11. Would you like me to PM you my paypal details so you can pay your debt?
  12. Could I inquire as to where you obtained your encyclopedic knowledge of archaeology? I took part in a number of major excavations and I don't recognize anything in your 'claim'.
  13. Absolutely, but if you could control the screaming when the consequences kick in Your life, your choice I would be most grateful. Given my history of alcohol I'll probably be in the next bed, and I believe liver failure is massively painful.
  14. Wikipedia shows him as Syrian FACT. Although I remember a more recent bit of research suggesting he was a somewhat dodgy quartermaster in the Roman army in Turkey. That would of course explain how a 'dragon' found it's way into the legend. Damn beaten by mel...... Hmmmm.....
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