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  1. I have a friend who insists that you could access The Leadmill - he's not sure about "The Esquire" - via Suffolk road. Can anyone confirm or deny this? I have been to The Leadmill on a handful of occasions, back in the day I was a frequent visitor to The Esquire. I never entered via Suffolk Road!
  2. Iv'e been told by a friend that there was a Pub/Club called "Tin pan alley" on Fitswilliam street not far from the old "Raven" - "Hornblower". I don't remember it? Does anybody else?
  3. Does anyone know how the property shop works ?
  4. Is there anyone out there who knows how to work the property shop system? I know all about waiting time etc and how to use the website and how to apply (bid) but having logged on every day for the last 2 months - I know that it alters every seven days and Thursday it starts again - there is something odd about how properties disappear for a week or so and then reappear, even if bidding priorities seem to imply that there has been 10,20,30 plus people placing bids?
  5. Does anyone own an unwanted desktop (SATA) PC? Pre 8.0/8.1 one that used to run Windows 7 or vista it doesn't need to have an OS or an HDD and no Keyboard/Mouse/Monitor, just so long as it works when I install an HDD and format it?
  6. Can't remember the film? But that's not all that unusual considering our take on life then! Nearest I can get to it is the flat I was living in at the time on Derbyshire lane. I vaguely remember me, you, Mike Woodhouse and a lady friend at time "Jackie" But in all honesty quite a lot of it's a blur, except for the bets - which I always seemed to win -Snooker, Flags, you name it! Do you still have that website? For some reason it either crashed or you took it down or it was taken down, which seems like the more realistic option... Still living down the road from "The Cottage." Keeping Keeping on Patrico.
  7. Don't remember the film? But it sounds just like the crazy mad daft sort of thing you would watch! Best... Pat.
  8. RE: this query. I've been informed from another source that the solution is... Settings - Connectivity - Packet data - Packet data settings - Active access "point 1" - Edit active access -And in the Packet data access point type in the letter J. SELECT I'm not sure if the " J " is significant. It could be any letter? I assume it just stops a process? Think it's a case of "suck it and see." Anyway if after a period of time it appears to work? I'll get back to you... Many thanks anyway.
  9. I have a "nokia 113." I bought it brand new for £14.99 on Fargate from a legitimate phone store. All I wanted it for was ( text and the occasional call ) I am more than equipped for the internet at home. I've discovered that it is taking credit in increments of about 9 pence, the reason being - so I've been informed - is, I am some how connected to the net. Can anyone inform me how I turn this off, if, this is possible?
  10. The phone I have is a basic model.I am not tied to any monthly deal. I just top my phone up with a voucher. I could if I wished get on line with it, but it's a waste of time the screen is too small and the reception is useless. The point is, that I'm more than sorted with my PC's ( I have two networked ) and all my on-line business is taken care of that way. I just need the mobile to keep in touch when the need arises. What brought this problem up was the fact I noticed, just by chance, that my balance seem to be dwindling and I could not Pin it down to what I had used, purely and simply because I just assumed that the credit would dissipate with use. Now if there is a clause in my PAYG t-mobile - which I can't find in "Terms and conditions"- that allows t-mobile to do this I would be more than pleased to know of the time limit! Then I can adjust too it and send a text prior to the time limit running out and thus, the problem is solved. Sorry if this is sounding like a proper moan! But it has really p----d me off!
  11. I've tried all obvious - terms and conditions - etc. If you've got nothing better to do with your time, have a go! I could not find any mention of what I've described! If anyone has experienced this I'd be interested to know, if only so I could time when to use my phone, I could just send a simple text!
  12. I've just purchased a bog standard mobile phone for intermittent use -t-mobile sim and P.A.Y.G.- and I've just been informed that I could have my credit run down over a period of time if I don't use regularly ( within a 30 day period ) does anyone know if this is true?
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