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  1. Hello Got an odd issue with my washing machine and just after opinions. Done a wash, took the clothes out but noticed a pair of tights were pulling. Turns out about no more than 2 inches has got stuck in one of the drain holes in the drum! I've tried to pull it out by hand, using pliers (which has ripped half of it) and I just can't pull it free. I have no idea what it could be caught on as the drum moves freely and can't hear anything catching. After looking online it says to check the drain filter but I can't imagine the piece has reached down there? I'm half considering cutting it off as the material surely can't damage anything and then catch the piece in the the drain filter after a cycle or two. Looks like I'll have to get someone to look at it but does any one have any ideas?
  2. Have you tried Harrisons Cameras on London Road?
  3. Fancy a sales role? Car lease broker, telephone based.
  4. So you think the lightning might have not actually hit the house. I rather that be the case! Many years ago a video player was dead after a storm. Wonder if I'm a bit of a target now
  5. I think lightning struck a tree outside my house and maybe even my house itself. Phone is dead, router is dead and bits of tree everywhere. So scary. I knew it was coming but why oh why didn't I unplug these things!
  6. The first chick must be nearish to the nest. Can hear her calling along with her sis. Breakfast served. Chick 1 has appeared.
  7. Looks like it. A good defluffing session going on.
  8. Both being vocal. Wanting their tea I guess!
  9. There's a field full next to High Lane, S12.
  10. Can anybody recommend anywhere in the South of Sheffield? Ideally near Mosborough area? Need to store stuff from a 3 bed house. Is Admirals Yard Self Storage any good?
  11. Water is back on but it's extremely cloudy.
  12. Was this biker riding a blue bike at all? If so, I witness him once riding over Norton mini roundabout and then doing a wheelie up Norton Lane on the wrong side of the road.
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