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  1. I am Vernon's brother, Nigel. I'm afraid Vernon died on 1st. July in the morning. He had been suffering from COPD for three years and needing oxygen almost continuously towards the end I wanted to post something sooner but have only just worked out how to. I remember some of you from half a century ago. I remember being surprised when Gres told me his parents let him drink under age but not smoke. They were wise. Vernon was a heavy smoker living in a polluted city centre. I hope you are still all alive. It's very sad that the rock 'n' roll era heydays are fading as more and more group members' lives come to an end. I'm Vernon's brother, Nigel. I'm sorry to say that Vernon died in Madrid on 1st. July from COPD? He was 73
  2. My brother Vernon Nash, Jo Cocker's pianist in the 60s died this morning aged 73
  3. I'm looking for old photos of the school and would be interested in what happened to my old contemporaries from that time. My name is Nigel Nash. Does anyone remember me? ---------- Post added 11-02-2014 at 21:48 ---------- The name Forum uses is wrong. I joined my wife's maiden name with mine and the site didn't recognise it.
  4. I was at Frecheville Secondary School 1960 -1965. My name was Nigel Nash but now I've changed it to include my wife's surname. I'm curious to see how my peers are doing and see some photos of the now demolished school. I have recently contacted my old friend Brian Coupe and would be interested to hear from Ronald Kedyk, Valerie Winterbottom, Andrew ( ?memory) e.t.c.
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