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  1. Coming from Darnall go up Handsworth hill to the very top and when you go down the other side, the road forks, take the left fork and when you get to the bottom of that hill there is or was a road opposite called Orgreave lane and that led to the mine. I have just called it up on google earth and orgreave lane is still there. Hope that helps.
  2. Is this the same Dorothy Cross that lived on York Road Darnall as a child and has a sister called Irene?
  3. Did anyone live on Clifton Avenue, Handsworth (the road at the rear of the Octopus café) in the 1960's-1970's
  4. The only building I can think of in the middle of park hill flats was the Zodiac Cafe
  5. Yes Roger, I remember you well, my mother (Lucy Campbell) always got her fruit and veg from your shop, both my mother and father drank in the industry pub along with my grandmother on my fathers side Lily Campbell.
  6. Hicken was my grandfather 57 cravens road and Burgess was my aunt and uncle 87 cravens road but what I find strange my name is Campbell at number 78 cravens road and it isn`t showing on Kelly`s directory
  7. I was born in 1945 and lived on cravens road until I joined the army in 1960my parents lived there until the houses were demolished and moved to Greenland view. I remember the Youngs (Margaret,Alan and Peter) Askwiths (Eileen, Linda and Joan) Hobsons(Margaret and Iris) Mills (Terry)
  8. enfield lane was also called pig sty alley and at the bottom was the halfway public house and it went up to high hazels park
  9. I left Whitby road school in 1960, the head teacher was mr Saxon and some of the teachers I recall were Grundy, cooper, Holland, Mellor and Coleridge...miss those good old days ---------- Post added 24-02-2014 at 21:43 ---------- Sandra Brown was one of my first girl friends she was a gorgeous little blonde and yes I remember Janet Straw too ---------- Post added 24-02-2014 at 21:57 ---------- Hi Kevin, My mother was Lucy ( Hicken ) Campbell, her brother was Walt Hicken and he was married to Joyce. Do you have a brother called Trevor? The Hickens I am talking about lived at 57 Cravens road and I lived at number 78.
  10. Yes I remember it as if it was yesterday... it was a shop called Wigfalls and there was a cinema next to it, you walked in and rode out on a flea lol it was affectionally called the flea pit or little dick.....the cinema was called the Regent and I remember the other cinema which was on Darnall main road that was called the Lyric and I used to get my sweets from Lakins which was across the road.
  11. I remember Dave Berry and the cruisers, I used to go dancing at Swallownest every Friday night 1960 - 1962 and Dave was the resident band
  12. Does anyone know Janet Burns from Clifton crescent Handsworth, we used to hang round at Cyril`s café on Darnall main road also Goffs at high hazels park....there was another café too near the post office on the corner of the road leading to the park, I think the café was called Fletchers but cant be sure
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