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  1. Hi, I lost my regular squash friends some time ago and have only had the odd game here and there over the last couple of years. I need to get fit and want to try to get a regular game if anyone is interested. I'm not a technical player, only ever played for fun (no training or club games) but once I get going again I hope I'd give someone a good game. I could generally play after work at 6pm on Tues - Fri, also 6.40 on Thurs. Tues would be alternates and not every Fri but I hope there's enough there to match someone else's availability. I'm in north Sheffield and play at university courts on Northumberland Road. Let me know if anyone is interested. Thanks. Di
  2. I just wondered how many Wotsits are in a bag. If anyone is eating any today, can you count and let me know please. I'll need to know the weight of the pack too please because they differ depending on size/normal bag/multipack etc. I'm only going to do this today until 4pm, then I can get an average. Thanks.
  3. Rafters at Hangingwater Road crossroads has always been great (although I have to admit have not been for a while cos been trying other places out but not aware of any changes). It's a nice place for a 'celebration' meal with nice quietish atmosphere. no high ceiling noise bouncing around etc. Background music just right and food was always exquisite! Not cheap but good value for what you actually get. Depends what you're looking for.
  4. They do this at the Royal Hotel in Dungworth every Sunday in December but it's so packed you can't get in easily, nor to the bar. I've seen people queueing outside before the pub even opens on Sundays mornings - it's like January sales used to be. They'll be out there the night before in sleeping bags before too long!
  5. Hi, Not sure which section to post this in but here goes. Thinking of trying to use stilts for a laugh at a christmas dance just for one dance wearing a santa outfit. It's only two weeks away. Does anyone have experience and think I could get used to them by then (used to have some when I was younger but the handheld type). Does anyone have any to try/rent/buy? Would I be able to turn around quickly in them or is that a recipe for disaster? Ta for any helpful advice.
  6. Went last night - had something different and was great as usual. Contact details sometimes don't come up on web search but check spelling. Easy to get it wrong. It should be 'Rushour' All one word, only one 'h'. If you ring 118 they find it and opening times from this. Tel. no. is 255 8517 and the early bird offer is still available Tuesdays.
  7. Sorry folks I saw an old post - slight case of dyslexia with date!!! After posting saw the latest comments- no probs - we'll be there Tues to enjoy it!!!
  8. We were told how good this pub was by someone who perhaps hasn't been for a while and we are planned to go next Tues evening for pie night and live music - website says Orleans style perfomer next week. Are we going to be able to get food and music then or is it going to be a few weeks before it all starts again??
  9. Hi, Coming menus/events at Rush Hour:- Still some places for Mexican buffet evening this Saturday... Saturday 24th October @ 8pm Look at food! We went to last one and you can try a bit of everything off the buffet - really nice. Mexican style spicy tomato soup with chorizo tortas Green chilli and chicken chilaquiles Warming beef chilli Rice with lime Squid simmered with tomatoes, olives & capers Papaya, avocado & red bell pepper salad Spicy chicken fajitas Burritos of lamb & black beans Green been salad with feta cheese Broccoli enchiladas in mild chilli sauce Empanadas of banana & chocolate Pineapple compote with tequila & mint £12 per person - BARGAIN Also next quiz night:- FOOD AND DRINK OUIZ NIGHT WEDNESDAY 28TH OCTOBER TO START Fish Chowder Or Chicken & Sweetcorn Chowder Served with chunky bread FOR MAINS New York Strip steak cooked to your liking served with French fries, onion rings and a ranch salad £10 per person Call Jeremy on 0114 2558517 to reserve a table We're going tonight and have booked for Christmas Day! We know the food will be excellent otherwise might not have booked to eat out on such a special day in case of disappointment but no chance of that here. Christmas day menu is brill - look!.... CHRISTMAS DAY FAYRE FRIDAY 25TH DECEMBER 2009 GLASS OF BUBBLY ON ARRIVAL WITH CHEF’S CANAPE MINESTRONI SOUP (V) With warm Italian herb bread FISH COCOTTE A medley of seafood in a white wine sauce topped with creamed potatoes Or BAKED MUSHROOM COCOTTE (V) Mushrooms baked in a tomato and herb sauce with a cheese crust TRADITIONAL ROAST TURKEY Or QUORN TURKEY (V) Accompanied with roast potatoes, parsnips, brussel sprouts, apricot and walnut stuffing and devils on horseback Or BAKED MONKFISH Wrapped in Parma Ham served on a tomato and herb sauce accompanied with wilted spinach and roast potatoes (£5 supplement) CHRISTMAS PUDDING With Brandy sauce COFFEE OR TEA WITH MINCE PIE £35 per person (Children under 15 will be charged £15 for three courses) Never eaten out on Christmas Day before but looking forward to this.
  10. Find this absolutely incredible! Your other half doesn't agree with religion, you admit you didn't want your daughter baptised to do with religion and your sister didn't want the religious association but yet you have to get the kids baptized so they're accepted by God. God IS religion! Errr... hello.... You are taking a load of tosh here - totally contradicting yourself as noted by several others too. If you don't want religion don't force it on your kids and have them 'brain washed' at school. Let them get on with a 'normal' life in a normal school and choose for themselves.
  11. Is anybody still going to Rush Hour to eat these days? No posts for a while. We've been loads of times. It's brilliant food, reasonable and they need support so we don't lose this individual and good quality restaurant. Try the themed Saturday night buffets - just been to Carribean buffet - excellent. Nothing but praise as usual from all diners sitting within earshot. Also look at the Christmas menu below - can't beat it. You can afford a taxi if you're only gonna pay this for a night out!! Available all through December. RUSHOUR CHRISTMAS PARTY MENU 2009 STARTERS Portabella Mushroom baked with tomato and herbs topped with melted goats cheese Baked mozzarella wrapped in Parma ham served on a sweet tomato chutney Wild mushroom and Brie risotto Smoked Salmon roll with prawns and crab in a marie rose sauce served on a garlic crostini SHARING PLATTERS Tapas to Share Homemade Hummus and olives, potatas bravos, spicy chorizo sausage and warm pitta bread Antipasti to Share A selection of Italian meats, olives and fresh breads served with olive oils and vinegars MAIN COURSE ROAST TURKEY Turkey stuffed with a apricot stuffing wrapped in streaked smoked bacon and served with gravy and cranberry sauce STEAK AU POIVRE Sirloin steak in a creamy peppercorn sauce v STUFFED PEPPERS Baked stuffed peppers filled with sweet potato & leek topped with a cheese crust LAMB SHANK Slow roasted lamb shank in a red wine with garlic and rosemary served with a redcurrant sauce All main courses are served with sauté potatoes and vegetables DESSERTS Traditional Christmas pudding served with brandy sauce Fresh cream Profiteroles with warm chocolate sauce Apple strudel with custard Chocolate Yuletide log served with cream £15 for 3 courses or £20 for all courses including sharing platters
  12. Anyone recommend somewhere to go for a meal where there's some music on Tuesdays? Specifically next Tuesday 22nd. Know about Cubana - looking for other options. Ta
  13. Can anyone recommend a decorator who has done them a good job painting and wall papering inside a house. I've seen a few on here but would like to know what they're like and I need someone who will come and give me a quote asap. Thanks.
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