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  1. Hi Has anyone any recommendations for where to buy around town? I went bbq and was 80 for a deposit and gas, which seemed expensive. Thanks Adam
  2. Hi Is anyone please able to recommend where I can buy a bulk number of logs for my stove? Thanks in advance Adam
  3. Hi Ryan is a good joiner, he did loads of work on my house renovation, I was always happy with his work, and he's really reliable. His number is 07949233556
  4. Hi As in the title, the paint on the exterior of my house is tired and coming off all over the place. Do people know what is the best method for removing old paint and repainting the house. Do I need to take it all off, or just the bits that are coming off The house has got a concrete render rather than the bricks being painted. If anyone knows anyone to recommend to do the work would also be great. Thanks in advance for the help Adam ---------- Post added 06-07-2015 at 10:49 ---------- Would it be a sandblasting company that I need to find?
  5. Hi After recently moving to Heeley, my girlfriend and I are looking for some local trustworthy help with regular house cleaning, and less regular dog walking/minding. If anyone has any recommendations it would be appreciated. Thanks Adam
  6. I would like to recommend Ryan from RF Joinery (07949233556 and on forum as RF Joinery). He has done for a few jobs for me now (with more booked) including building inbuilt cupboards in my attic, and all to a high standard. We have been really pleased with his work, and his willingness to get a job done above and beyond what we had agreed. His rates were also very reasonable! Adam
  7. 2nd that, Darren has just done my whole house and everyone comments on how good it looks.
  8. Hi Could someone please recommend a builder who would be able to put a new steel in to support a raised extension on the side of the house (to replace a rotten wood support). I have got a structural engineer to do the calc and installation procedure, but need a builder who knows what they are doing and have all of the necessary supports. https://www.dropbox.com/sc/icjegtqhobtkplu/wbSVNirtl3 Also I need a builder to take out a flagstone and channel a small join for my new waste pipe to the underground waste (If this makes sense) Thanks Adam
  9. Hi I have found it to be a bit of a minefield with not many tradesmen offering these services, and when they do charging an incredible amount compared to the amount of days work it would take. I ended up paying someone £30 a square metre to put tanking membrane around my ground floor to provide a barrier against rising damp. In retrospect anyone with basic DIY could have completed it, as it literally involved attaching the membrane to the wall with plastic rawlplugs. With the wood treatment I was getting quotes varying between £1000-£1500, so I did it myself instead. I couldn't buy as strong treatment, won't get a guarantee, and it is a pain to get the floorboards up (you will need a circular saw), but I did it over a weekend and a couple of evenings and it cost me just over a £100 for a pump and the treatment. The last bit I am struggling with is my concrete kitcken floor. I can't afford to dig down, so I need to find a material that I can put down before the tiles to stop damp rising from the floor.
  10. Hi I am struggling to find any reasonably priced builders who seem to know what to do with my damp issues. Can anyone please recommend any tradesman who would be able to come and treat all the timber in my house against further insect/dry rot issues? Also there is no damp proof course in the house, does anyone know anyone who knows how to properly tank my ground floor walls and also the kitchen floor? Thanks in advance for the help as this is massively holding up my house renovation as I can't complete plastering and insulating until this is sorted.
  11. Hi I have recently purchased a victorian end-terrace. On the front and side of the house there is a concrete render that isn't in great shape. The issue is that due to its lack of breathability the parts of the inside wall that I can see are completely damp. On one part of the door the brick is falling away in the inside where there is a gutter on the outside. For the long term protection of the house the render needs to come off but I'm unsure of who to ring who would specialise in dealing with removing the render, and then either re point, or rerender in lime if the brick is in a bad way. Also want to understand options for external insulation etc I have got lots of work to do on the house, so if anyone can recommend a good building firm who understand the way old houses work and need to be renovated, it would be appreciated! Thanks in advance Adam
  12. Gusto is my favorite restaurant in Sheffield by a mile
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