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  1. Well gave it a go and it covered fine took 3 coats but now looks lots better. Would upload a picture but i can find out where.
  2. Hi i have my fence panels stained green and my other half wants them to be grey, would grey stain cover green?
  3. No its an extension which was on the house when i bought it.
  4. Hi, when we have light rain the water does not run into the gutter and runs down the Cladding. i think its because the roof isn't that steep an angle. I have heard of gutter aprons and drip edge, has anyone used these before?
  5. Hi, i am currently working on a project which helps young adult wheelchair users to find work experience and i have someone looking for Data Entry work in the Sheffield area. does anyone know of anyone who could help me out as im based in Doncaster.
  6. Been playing it for ages and not making loads anyone know of a quick fix for money.
  7. Yeah i did but the linked i posted took you to some gambling website so the Admin team took it down.
  8. Cheers guys didn't fall for it but wanted a car off their so have to admit was tempted.
  9. Has anyone had any dealings with a company called Repo Limited in Doncaster as they advertise loads of nice cars but when i have asked to view one i got the following response. "Unfortunately we don't have a brick and mortar showroom anymore, in order to further reduce our costs. We win repo auctions all over the country and the cars are shipped directly from where the auction was won by one of our agents. The process is quite straight forward, you reserve the car on our website, we provide you the agent's bank account details, you pay by bank transfer and after that we ship the car to your address. You will receive the car delivered by truck, you have 72 hours to test drive and inspect it, if you decide to keep the car, the agent that will come with it will fill in all the paperwork with you, if you decide not to keep it, we will take back the car at our own expense and your entire payment will be refunded back to your bank account"
  10. that what i thought that you had to seek permission and i thought they might be left for a "bug Hotel" but they are just stacked so nicely would be a shame to rot away.
  11. this is the woods i have been collect from: http://www.woodlandtrust.org.uk/visiting-woods/wood/23684/hatchell-wood/
  12. Does anyone know if its alright to collect logs from a public park (Council owned). The woods near me have chopped some trees down and left piles of logs around 1m in lengh on the grasses areas at the side of the path, can i collect these or is it classed as "stealing" :huh:
  13. Hi, the company i work for each year donate a days labour for charity and this year we are decorating a company called works ltd in Sheffield which is a centre for disabled children, We need to get a real Christmas tree to decorate but it need to be free as its all for Charity, Could you guys point me in the right direction.
  14. hi I have 1 12v transformer and 3 12 v lights so what should I do get a bigger transformer? I have put the transformer screwed onto a beam so it has loads of ventilation. ---------- Post added 19-08-2014 at 20:29 ---------- this is the transformer I bought would I need one per light and use the junction box to transfer the 240v to each one or buy I different transformer? http://www.screwfix.com/p/halolite-low-voltage-electronic-transformer-20-60va/48058?_requestid=281023#_=p http://www.screwfix.com/p/halolite-low-voltage-electronic-transformer-20-60va/48058?_requestid=281023#_=p
  15. Hi I have recently changed the lighting in my bathroom from a single one to 3 12v separate down lights. I have run the 240 original main to a transformer to drop it to 12v. then the new 12v into a junction box which then leads to all 3 separate lights with a wire each. The lights come on but after around 5 minutes of being on the start to flash and go off but at a slow pace light its going into a safe mode. Any ideas?
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