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  1. The major part of Sheffield has always been run locally, since foundation of the Corporation of Sheffield in 1843. A couple of the northern parishes (certainly Ecclesfield & Bradfield) came under the administration of the Wortley Rural District Council. As far as I recall the five county borough areas (Sheffield, Leeds, Huddersfield, Halifax and Bradford) were always completely autonomous, with any involvement of the West Riding CC only occurring in the rural areas outside of these boroughs. So, nothing for them to take back, really.
  2. So very sorry to hear this. My condolences to you and your family. Your dad, together with Timo, was responsible for me joining the forum. Some of the exchanges between them were irresistible, and I felt the need to join in at some point. Within minutes, I had received a pm from Shoey welcoming me to the forum – a proper gentleman. RIP Peter – you will be sorely missed.
  3. Rates are not set by the councils, so as the governments regulations stipulate that business rate charges must rise in line with inflation, it's pretty much a case of pay up or close up. The proposals are nothing new. How much has she been paid to come up with this? City Centre markets - hmmm, just how many mobile phone covers do I need anyway?
  4. As far as I am aware, the redundancies are the result of SCC passing on a share of the budget cuts imposed by the government, as they have done with their other outsourced contracts (Capita etc.). I don't believe Kier has lost any SCC contract, nor is it to do with a decline in housing stock.
  5. I am now well past 40, and always wear teenage apparel. I’m just so tight I haven’t bought any clothes since I was 14. Fred – currently wearing cheesecloth and loonpants.
  6. Sheaf had construction quality problems from the day it opened. The main issue was the roof - it leaked continually, despite many attempts to rectify the problem, and money wasn't available for a full replacement. Pity, as I found it a much more pleasant place than Castle.
  7. But how do we know that you know what you know? It's possible that you only think you know what you know. How is it possible to know what you don't know? Only asking.
  8. I enjoyed Portrait of the Artist. I tried several times to read Ulysses, but never got that far to be honest. Then I made my big mistake... ...I decided to buy Finnegans Wake. Not having read any of it before, I thought it might be easier going than Ulysses. Dear God! "As the lion in our teargarten remembers the nenuphars of his Nile (shall Ariuz forget Arioun or Boghas the baregams of the Marmarazalles from Marmeniere?) it may be, tots wearsense full a naggin in twentyg have sigilposted what in our brievingbust, the besieged bedreamt him stil and solely of those lililiths undeveiled which had undone him, gone for age, and knew not the watchful treachers at his wake, and theirs to stay. Fooi, fooi, chamermissies! Zeepyzoepy, larcenlads! Zijnzijn Zijnzijn! It may be, we moest ons hasten selves te declareer it, that he reglimmed? presaw?"
  9. Only thing I can think of is "Home Thoughts from Abroad" by Clifford T Ward.
  10. If the demand is for Council Tax, it may well be statute barred. If it is for overpaid benefit, that may well be a different matter. I'd definitely look for proper advice from the CAB rather than ask the question here.
  11. Absolutely correct. The Liberata Pension Plan has gone into administration. The plan has entered into an assessment period for PPF. 90% is the best case scenario, which will only happen if the PPF accepts the scheme. If the scheme is not accepted, I understand that contributions will be paid into a personal annuity scheme.
  12. Your contents insurance will cover such as furniture, carpets, TV etc. Most valuables, such as jewellery and your hypothetical Krugerrand, will only be covered if you add in personal effects cover, which will considerably bump up your premium.
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