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  1. Didnt realise a offcut had to be a certain size according to some people but thanks everyone. Was sorted out by a company on Petre Street. Very efficient and good place. They cut and polished my 'offcut' to size and for a very good price.
  2. Hi Does anyone know anywhere in Sheffield (or local) that does granite/quartz offcuts. Looking for around a 2m length for a home project. Any help would be appreciated. Cheers
  3. Anyone got any reviews of Dragon tattoo on Intake?
  4. Not sure not really my cup of tea but people follow things like this like a cult. Guess throughout the years there has always been some sort of followings lol.
  5. Dank of England is a play on the Bank of England and Dank, is an adjective which is over-used by people in general and mostly by people trying to appear cool to their stoner friends. Dank means dark, sticky, gooey, and potent. It was originally a common word to describe disgusting basements and caves ect. Then the world of pot took it over and was using it very correctly to describe very potent strains of marijuana, seeing as the definition of dank meets all the qualities you find in good marijuana. It’s ran by a guy called Ital Sampson or ‘black the ripper’. Don’t think it’s based anywhere pretty sure it started in London but they have a lot of shops pop up in certain places including Manchester and Sheffield etc. Have a read below about a event that was shut down last year. https://www.ismokemag.co.uk/police-shut-dank-england-shop-black-ripper-films-whole-thing/
  6. Ok well thank you will keep my eyes open. Thanks for trying
  7. Just passed Shiregreen Community centre towards Nethershire shops. Pretty much bang in the middle between them both lol. He must just miss us lol
  8. Roughly what time does it come and what road are you on if you don’t mind me asking? You couldn’t tell him to come down Sicey could you haha
  9. I live on Sicey avenue and can hear a ice cream van from about 5.30pm but it never passes ours. Anyone any idea who it is?? I really want him to pass my house for my err.. kids lol. We used to have one called Dennis dairy’s is a off yellow van but to be fair was rubbish so hoping this one is a whippy one. Any ideas?
  10. I was walking to the car with my kids when I saw it in Shiregreen. Lasted a few seconds longer than I’ve ever seen a shooting star last but did burn out. Was a good sight though and kids liked it too.
  11. Was unaware you couldn't put links in on eBay maybe just name your website like 'google isellblocks' for my homepage?? May be again T&S but only get a slapped hand. I've heard about wilkos own brand lego (which is compatable with lego) which has great reviews and also something called 'Lepin' (google it to see) which don't get me wrong looks great and is a fraction on the price but something inside me just won't touch anything other than lego. Even get my little boy some Duplo to try at xmas. He loved playing with it in town the other day.
  12. Hi landyman. The online shop sounds a pretty good idea but it's just getting the website address out and about because you might not get much traffic through it. You could advertise afew small sets on eBay but in the description send them too your website. If you listed the small sets at a good price you would get lots of attention. You can sell to these guys in St Albans (http://bricktraders.co.uk) they buy and sell new and used lego but you might not get as high a price as you were wanting. Seems a good website though. My daughter (and me!) have just started collecting lego and she seems to love it. Have bought some sets from the lego store when they have some good offers on like spend so much and get a free gift but have found amazon to be good and also Tesco and argos when they have there 3 for 2 offers on you can save some good money. Would you have any tips for my daughter?? When you do decide to sell let me know and I'll have a look for her and me lol. Hope this helps.
  13. I'm not a taxi driver but I'll bite. It's a bike stop zone and Highway Code Point 178 states: "Motorists, including motorcyclists, MUST stop at the first white line reached if the lights are amber or red". But at the same time "Booking cars which enter the zone is tricky, PC James Aveling says, as it's not illegal if they stop in one if a light turns red as they're part-way in. Officers thus have to watch a driver creep in on an already red light. There are also rumours that some officers see the penalty for the infringement – six points on the licence the same as you'd get for sailing all the way through the red light – as somewhat disproportionate." And bike blog reader Nick Lane also has this to add "Cycle stop boxes are NOT legally enforceable, no points of fines can be levied against a vehicle entering or using one. Therefore they are NOT illegal. In 2004 I had a lengthy correspondence with a chief inspector of road policy policing in which I queried why officers were not fining or awarding penalty points to motorists who compromised [advanced stop line] boxes. His reply on each occasion was emphatic - it is not an offence and therefore they cannot take action. He advised that I should not interpret the Highway Code as a set of laws attached to which were penalties, but rather as a set of guidelines" So the ignorant taxi driver in the box are probably as ignorant as the police too. Many police officers also creep into these boxes. I don't understand why cyclists need these boxes to be honest. Your supposed to stay to one side of the road to allow cars to pass when safe anyway so why would you need to stop in front of a car at the lights when most of the time the car sets off a lot quicker than you would? And what about the cyclists that stop in these boxes but then decide to mount the pavement and cut across just to avoid the red light? Double standards in my opinion.
  14. I'd spend the extra £100 elsewhere they might be cheaper but they will sting you for extras when there probably nothing wrong. Had my other car mot there and they failed it because my missus had one of those dancing flowers on the dash. I understand this can sometimes be classed as a fail but anywhere decent would just remove it instead of being awkward. Go elsewhere if I was you.
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