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  1. Anyone who can help please advise. Her mother was a shopkeeper at 27 cemetery road sheffield Thanks
  2. What was his name and what was his station he was based at?
  3. Hi there. thanks for your response. What was his name? Did he die on Charles Street? Regards Helen
  4. Says exactly the same. Thanks for the reply
  5. Thanks for the reply. Your wife's uncle died on Burgess street. My grandfather died on Charles street according to the records. Am trying to find out if my grandfather died instantly or not and also find details of the guy who looks to have died with him. His name is below. My grandfather was Stanley Slack. Have pasted details I have found. Arthur Moore 28 Fireman/Driver Auxiliary Fire Service, died on 12th December 1940 at Burgess Street. Fredrick Parkes-Spencer 36 Fireman; Sheffield Police Fire Brigade, died on 12th December 1940 at Charles Street. Stanley Slack 29 Fireman; Auxiliary Fire Service, died on 12th December 1940 at Charles Street. Reason for search is my mum is trying to find out about him as she never knew him as she was 16 months old when he'd died. Also is 75th anniversary next year so trying to find as much info on him as possible for us both. ---------- Post added 02-02-2014 at 14:46 ---------- Cuttsie. There is a plaque which was in the old division street fire station. Since it was demolished cannot find where it has gone to. Lovely idea for pavement
  6. My grandfather was an auxiliary fireman and died on 12th December 1940 in the blitz on duty. I am trying to find out more information on what happened. Know he was on duty and want to find out more on what actually took place. Can anyone advise where to get more info?
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