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  1. Thanks! I dropped them an email earlier, so hopefully will get a reply soon. Thanks for the tip ---------- Post added 04-02-2014 at 12:08 ---------- Okay, so I am trying to get hold of some jewellery, in talks about having it shipped. Also a lovely forum member has offered to send me over some Sheffield bits and bobs which is AWESOME and so so kind! You are a lovely lot. It would be brill to come and visit some day! Now all that's missing is the clothing!! It's driving me mad! I have started branching out to UK-based with a Northern feel... I know the North of England is a big place (not compared to our states here!) but I feel that will at least be somewhat in keeping with the theme. So if anyone can find any good Made in Britain or Made in England clothing suppliers then please let me know! The more quirky, the better! thanks again for all of your help - ---------- Post added 11-02-2014 at 12:44 ---------- Hello all! I just thought I'd reply to say that I am all sorted with my made in Sheffield and British made goods, thanks to your kindness! I've had lots of messages with advice which I will also reply to So, I've ordered Henderson's relish from eBay. A lovely forum user is sending me a bottle of ale (if it makes it through our customs!) I've ordered a beautiful necklace from Made in Sheffield (http://www.madeinsheffield.com/list_items.asp?DepartmentName=Jewellery&ProductType=Necklaces) which I know she will love! And the grand finale thanks to one of your brilliant recommendations... I've ordered a Sheffield themed onesie from The All in One Company (http://www.the-all-in-one-company.co.uk/). They're actually based in the North East but as they are made in Britain and awesome I thought I could bend the rules a bit. Also search for more local clothing retailers was proving very tough! They said could do whatever design I wanted and they ship worldwide which is perfect so now I'm just waiting for HEAPS of packages to arrive at my door! Thanks again for all your help. If anyone has any more suggestions for food, drink or other themed activities then please keep on posting Thanks again!
  2. Thanks! Bags are a fab idea! Do you happen to know whether the bags are made in the UK? This is the problem I seem to be coming up against - companies are Sheffield based but their stock is made in...goodness knows where!
  3. Thanks stifflersmom (and great name by the way!). I'm sourcing them from a fair few miles away, so it's just a case of finding someone who will ship out this far. Thanks for the recommendations though! Any particular one that you would rate above others? ---------- Post added 03-02-2014 at 12:29 ---------- Thanks - great help! I am going to enquire to see if they will send stock out to me.
  4. Fantastic idea!! I'm trying to get my hands on some Yorkshire ales so that would be a perfect accompaniment!
  5. Thanks all As far as I can see, neither Drop Dead, nor Fourth City actually make their clothes in Sheffield - or even the UK. This was more my priority (sorry if I rambled a little). It's more just as a token - something British made, even, to wear and have a 'little bit of home'. The fancy dress ideas are fantastic thanks. I'm also going to try to source a bottle of Henderson's Relish too! Thanks for the suggestions so far, please feel free to add more if you have them!
  6. Does anyone know of any British brands/companies that make clothes in Sheffield or surround area? I'm planning a 'very British/Sheffield' themed hen do for a bride that lives in Adelaide, Australia, but is from Sheffield. I have no idea about Sheffield, hence why I am here asking you guys for advice! Would be great to have her a Sheffield or even just UK-made outfit - any suggestions of potential companies would be greatly appreciated. Oh and any other particularly Sheffield style food, drink, music! Thanks, Dan
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