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  1. I use regularly , because it's normally reliable on time and the driver is a nice guy , when it's only the 52a's competing with the 31 a , 31 , they be cutting that like they did with the 13.14 , then the 84 , after 6.30 pm , I find it difficult 2 get a bus to town , even the 62 doesn't go to town after 6pm . I would like a ST link bus just like the lucky folks up Stannington get , make life easier getting to the rail st , plus why do buses do there waiting time at the Bamford st stop , we miss our connections in Hillsborough , who ever thought that idea up . give them a medal , total idiots never heard of Public Transport inter connection , Our whole Public /Private TRANSPORT System is being run by the Loons who don't use it !
  2. Been enjoying there fresh milk for a few yrs now , not bought supermarket rubbish since , but plant my empty's on there shelves , yes cleaned . Keep the good work up Our Cow Molly !
  3. Razorsharp hope your dog is ok , what dog was it that attack ur dog and Lady look like , My two have runs on Spider Park and a few on there with no leads .
  4. Councillors on the Highway dept , just resign you tools your not fit to be in public office !! Holme Lane tram tracks pot hole right next to track , why can't this work be seen and done at ngt as with a lot of the repairing work that needs done . Think the dummys on SCC , need to go round in there own car on some of our roads that you agreed to run through our city , then see for yourselfs . O forgot they come out of there ivory towers !!
  5. Funks, Pearsons, Talbots and Crawshaws in Hillsborough all do pretty nice sausages and Beeches on South Rd , not had a supermarket one 4 years .
  6. Yes RIP Harry . was good local politician , we had him on our door step last year , he was one of the brave few in Notts who wasn't a pit rat either , and for him to speak up over Forgemasters the other week , was a brilliant speech , just think if it had the cheap loan from the taxpayer , we be able to build the stuff we need and jobs , that what Harry was about , Jobs and normal people . be sadly missed .
  7. Waiting for part from China and one from Germany said to me last wk , not be going till they fixed now, relay on these or the lift , as a company Morrison , I think they should av certain parts that keep breaking down , plenty in stock , but it is buy what we need and sod it if it breaks down again !!
  8. Rivillin Road doesn't have many pot holes avin a laugh there,this road should be put on the the hit list to be resurface , its a disgrace many folk who come to mine , say they know they in Sheffield when they hit Rivellin Road .
  9. What cutbacks have there organisation's suffered none , while the indigenous folk of this city suffer these cutbacks , sick and tired of this safe sanctuary city stuff , what about its home grown population for a change .
  10. I lost my disable card 4 times last year,the office takes in lost passes every wk from 1st and Stagecoach drivers , what will happen now. where the lost passes go to . Why doesn't the council cut back on funds given to Ethnic organisations all over the city and money saved there , to keep these important instillations going , what about the staff who walked the main Interchange for our safety what will happen to these folk , this hasn't been thought through properly just a rash decision at the expense of the vulnerable yet again .
  11. To right the system is flawed if it doesn't hit the main hospitals , and its ok 4 Stannington to have a tram/bus link from Malin Bridge , but what about Loxley/Wisewod or is the S6 a piece meal to Hillsborough interchange that ends at 18.05 , earlier on a Saturday and no service Sunday .
  12. Yes came back from there last week,use it regular during the Football season, there tram system and been extending with minimal fuss except the expected problems around Victoria rail st , they have no conductors but squads of fare evading inspectors and enjoying using there tram system and used Nottingham who are expanding especially past the QMC Hosiptal , do our trams touch the hospitals , not really , was badly planned in the 1st place, no loop system in place either why I call it a bit of white elephant , still can not believe the Wisewood/Stannington lot turned down the tram going up 2 there's from Malin Bridge when it was constructed , and who wants to go Rotherham ??? that money should of been used to connect NG up to the Tram System .
  13. Can not believe this man has the arrogance to stand here , folk in Wisewood will never forget how he had a hand on shutting the best state school in Sheffield based on Exam results and his dealings with Spider Park , and what has happen to the replacement school,very poor Exam results and behavioural problems there , not had 1 yet knock on door nor seen any walking about Hillsborough , I can not wait , the slippery shady Ruling Classes .
  14. I suspect many these was Taxpayers as well, this is disgusting by a company , being given a Public Tender to refuse carriage of passengers , if there has been trouble at that stop , why wasn't a few of the 100 odd SYP deployed on Matchdays at great cost to local council tax payers , sent to this bus stop , they ride on the trams and park up and play cards at the rail st and the main bus interchange and Hillsborough interchange , and leaving a disable passenger is serious business under certain laws no doubt .
  15. At least the Chinese will look after the area , unlike SCC looking after Sheffield as a whole .
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