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  1. Well maybe you need to re think your career, if youre going post such judgemental comments on a public forum. I for one would hate to think any of my loved ones were being "cared" for by someone as judgemental! his many thousands certainly wont have been gained from disability benefits that is for sure! as im sure you are well aware!
  2. How would you know how much the person you care for has in the bank!!
  3. Jeeze chill out people, has nobody bothered to read the link posted HOURS ago? it finishes at 10.30. Hope there arn't any after parties!
  4. You need to go along the back lanes, admittedly these wouldnt be ideal for the emergency services!! but in a car its fine.
  5. lol No! Owler gate, Raynor sike lane, Bent Hill lane, Brightholmlee Rd...Brightholmelee Lane. Admittedly they are narrow lanes, but no tractor required.
  6. Why didnt you just continue over the back lane from cockshutt lane, glenhowe, down brightholmlee? its a pain of a route! but only a 10 minute diversion.
  7. A whole thread of other tube feeding parents on Mumsnet, I think this might be the best place to find support. http://www.mumsnet.com/Talk/special_needs/1930008-taadaa-shiny-new-gastrostomy-support-thread-no-3-tube-feeding-support
  8. Nothing in the slightest! but study for Y6 SATs alone would not give a child (without any previous MH issues) mental health issues. Its Go4its stance on this that i find ridiculous.
  9. Agree with your sentiments about Y6, but kid "getting" mental health issue! dont be ridiculous! OP In your shoes i would focus more on secondary school catchment rather than primary. Whilst choosing a primary is of course very important, if youre in the right catchment for a good secondary school school, generally the primary schools who feed into it will also have a good reputation. This however depend totally on how you define a good school, personally for me it would not be because the school does will in league tables and has an outstanding ofsted! but of course many would disagree.
  10. Anyone been on or live on Wood Lane Stannington? deciding if to take my daughter into school. ---------- Post added 29-01-2015 at 08:59 ---------- actually scrap that, just had a text from school, its now closed.
  11. Here you will find flowchart of how the SEN system works and when you need to apply for an EHCP (Educational Health Care Plan as statement of SEN are no longer being issued they've been replaced), how to and how the process works. Its basic info but a good starting point. https://storify.com/SpcialNdsJungle/all-our-new-send-system-flow-charts-altogether Regarding Parent partnership, just be cautious, whilst they can and are very good, when all said and done they are employed by the LEA and whilst the are meant to totally impartial with their advice.....this isnt always the case, had i taken their advice my children would now be in a school totally unsuitable with zero support! IPSEA on the other are totally independent, if you ever need to check anything regarding the SEN system then i would contact them over parent partnership, theyre a charity and run totally by trained volunteers, so getting through on their helpline can be a nightmare but well worth the hassle! They also have lost are really good advice and information on their website. https://www.ipsea.org.uk/
  12. Dont rely one school to apply, I would (well i have done lol) just do it yourself, should he get a health care plan then you could also get SEN transport depending on which school is recommended, which will broaden your search considerably. ---------- Post added 19-01-2015 at 19:31 ---------- Amazing school but VERY difficult to get a place at, the LEA will only consider funding a place here if there is no other LA funded specialist school placement suitable.
  13. Hi, Does your son have a statement of SEN or an Education Health Care plan? as already suggested Nook lane (Stannington school Juniors) have an ASD special needs unit which of course mean staff are better able to support children on the spectrum. Wharncliffe Side Primary also have and special needs unit, again the staff are better trained than at a standard main stream primary school.
  14. Just a shame everything else they sell is very expensive! £7.98 isnt that cheap for 30mls of liquid either (I pay around £5.50 for freshly mix UK made liquids). I also find the local shops ive looked round (S6) seem to sell very basic and expensive fake stuff. Would love a local shop selling more advanced mods, tanks ect, so if anyone know one that of missed please let me know .
  15. The gritter has just been advice for anyone still snowed in! twitter twitter twitter away at them, seems to have done the trick!
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