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  1. I am not a council basher but it is sad to see the poor decision making that has gone on. Two examples of other councils being more far looking. Leeds- invested heavily in road infrastructure specifically opening up the East side of the city and the amount of businesses that have taken advantage of the opportunity is amazing. The last major road system I can recall in Sheffield was Derek Dooley way. Liverpool- with Liverpool One being built in the city centre rather than being redirected to the out skirts as in Meadowhall.
  2. Re Aberfan just to make the point on accountability. instead of relying on Wikipedia have a look at the Hansard report and read where they felt accountability rested
  3. The overriding issue here is that 96 people died and no one has ever been held responsible. In almost all other incidents where there has been a loss of life there is accountability. here, there is none. This is compounded by the well documented evidence to look to deflect accountability from various parties (FA/Police/SWFC) and it is understandable that the people who lost family feel aggrieved.
  4. Just got back from Manchester having gone to the test match. The area around Salford Quays is quite simply, breath taking. So much activity and very little of it retail related. It was like being in what I imagine the future to look like.
  5. Loved listening to the neighbours bickering SWFC "Youngest team ever. Not their best team" SUFC "What score was it in January when they played only half the first team in the FA Cup Match? Oh yes 3-0."
  6. I think it is disappointment more than anything. The city has lost its way in my view across a range of areas. In many ways, its nearly but not quite there Music.. tremendous legacy but no iconography or point to focus on. Shopping - way behind other cities with opportunities missed -Sevenstone Sport- finally got a team in the highest division but what a long wait it has been Industry - fractured and with no clear direction. Again missed out or having been left behind. It is easy to criticise the Council who will blame, with good reason, financial disparities but there doesn't appear to have been any long term strategy for development for a long time.
  7. This is the Catch 22. Entertain and run the risk of failure or be boring and stick it out in the Premier. For a fan, it is Hobsons choice. Pay a chunk of money and watch your team defend, play negatively but potentially stay up. Or be entertained and run the risk. This may be one of the treasons why although the big teams in the prem attract huge support, the others appear to have lots of empty seats which suggest supporters are disenchanted with the football on offer.
  8. I did my first teaching practise there in 1974. Went in with a group of four first years for one day a week. Our topic was fire and the fire service. We must have done a good job because the college got a phone call saying some of the lads had gone out one night after our lesson and set fire to a vacant property so that they could see the fire engines come.
  9. Overall a sad inditement of the celebrity culture. Spent £47m pounds, several failed marriages, drink and drugs problems. How many more "celebs" will go down this route as time moves on and they are replaced by newer, prettier, more handsome ...(feel free to add)
  10. Recommend MBA as a Lettings Agency. Very student focussed
  11. With your eyes in the back of your head😀
  12. Appears to confirm that there is somewhat (note the word) of an urban myth growing around the camera's flashing when no speed restrictions are in force. By the way 83 is pushing it a bit!
  13. Went to Leeds yesterday and I was totally gob smacked by the work going on both in the centre and to the NE of the city. Love Sheffield but by gosh it is falling behind Leeds, Liverpool and Manchester.
  14. Appreciate the comments. Out of the 18000 I wonder how many went through too fast when the cameras were actually on? I also agree about not being able to confirm directly whether or not it is an urban myth but as yet I have still not had anyone say they have been caught and fined albeit the comment above again makes reference to someone being "flashed" Really, only two cars at that point going in excess of the 72mph limit that has been suggested previously? I don't doubt there is enforcement action and the potential for it certainly effects my driving for the better. But I think the level is exaggerated
  15. Hi Played football for them around 1974/5
  16. I think there is an urban myth growing up around being caught on speed camera on the M1 when that are "off" Lots of stories about seeing "flashes" but cannot anyone actually confirm someone they know has been caught. Like many of the other respondents, I use the MI regularly (at least six times a week) at varying times including rush hour in the mornings between J33 and J28 and must admit to occasionally (!) driving somewhat faster than is allowed. Not clever I know and I do try my best. Have I been flashed - No. Have I had any enforcement notice - No So... over to you.
  17. Was it really? Live nearby and saw no problems nor heard of anything detrimental to the area other than taking up car spaces.
  18. We used to have a van on here around ten years ago. Not only was it like little Sheffield but we had five vans near us occupied by people who lived within a five minute walk from our house in Wincobank. Any memories/ stories
  19. I think my "scientific way" of looking through the window in the morning is more accurate that the millions of pounds spent currently. The BBC weather app is so unreliable and inaccurate
  20. What a load of unsubstantiated bilge. Full of generalisations and sweeping comments based on what? Your first hand experience in that school?Or second hand by "someone" who was in the food hall!
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