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  1. just been around again and its not there now so i think someone may have collected/ got rid of it i know it was from round this area been seing it for the last few months and it has tried getting into mine and my partners flat a lot but thought best thing to do was let people know on here hoping maybe owner see it
  2. Hi everyone just trying to let the owner/owners aware just been to my local premier shop on myrtle road and came across a white cat with sandy tabby patches laid on the ground next to the older little block of flats which are next to the chinese take away a box has been placed in front of it as four people have asked who the owners are in the premier shop as it has passed away not sure if had been run over and moved or something else has happened. Sorry for your loss and finding out this way but I thought you had the right to know.
  3. there is a cat and 2 kittens where i live they look like they have been dumped and they are under weight and freezing and hopeing somone will help the as i cant take them in due to owning a cat but they need help in s2
  4. 4 days on we still trying to get people to sort it ad we have had to contact the local MP about who is going to wright a firm letter to them demanding something is done next step we are going to take is by going to the news papers about it
  5. Does anyone know what is happening at earl marshal i was stood at the bus stop across the road and noticed a few movie makers trucks and a signs saying J3 base. is there a film being based in sheffield or is it some thing for tv like a documentory ---------- Post added 03-02-2016 at 14:13 ---------- they are also film crews up at earl marshal on east bank road S2
  6. we have been having the some problems with them and ours is an emergancy we have a major leak comeing from a top floor flat in our ground floor flat and my partner has had an electric shock from a light switch and we have gone trough all the correct channels to get this sorted and all the they have done in 3 days is send out an electrician to cut the light switches to the bedroom and kitchen and part of our wall that seperates the two rome is badly dameged due to the water but the council dont seem to care so we have had to contact our local MP today to try and get something done about it
  7. If only I could drive...it would be totally different if they were made to wait alot of people depend on buses like do for work
  8. Why is bus servic rubbish on eastbank road in the morning you can bet most mornings the first bus will always be late and normaly by 10 or more it's not good when you have to be a work one of them was over half an hour late I know it happens all over why don't they do something about it to make the services better
  9. I was on my way to work early this morning and I think I saw a dead animal on the path just wanted to know if anyone knew what it was.....it look like a large badger or something but I'm not entirely sure only asking because I'd like know what it was
  10. But there is products sold by other companies don't know if you have heard of it but its called deodorant what can cover it up and mints for your breath that' smell better then a damp staff member who would be wet most of the day like some one else saide here of it bothers cyclists that much use public transport instead
  11. I think smokers have more right to have shelter as it's not just shoppers who smoke at meadowhall people work there and don't you think if the staff came back into work wet from the rain after a break it would be unprofessional to that company because I bet most of you who are complaining about the shelters would be unimpressed if a staff member approached asking you if need help wet through
  12. What would you rather have second hand smoke and have the risk of cancer or have people smoking outside with no risk and a slightly wet bike
  13. I Just have a quick question what is the earliest train from Sheffield station to meadowhall as I start my new job tomorrow at 6:00am I checked on national rail but want make sure I'm there on time and what time they get there
  14. i know how hard it is my self at the moment I'm 25 iv done a 3 year apprenticeship and didn't get me anywhere i worked in a bakery for a year and had 2 days agency work in amazon warehouse and ended do to there contract fell through and now I'm jobless and applying for what i can and not getting anything
  15. dont know much about them and all i know is its a condor pro nito buggy
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