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  1. hi guys **sorry if this is in the wrong section** struggling to get hold of any company local to sheffield/chesterfield that has a 2 tonne bag of 20mm to Dust crusher/aggregate, so as a last effort i thought id just try asking here. does anyone work for or know of anywhere thats allowing collection? greatly appreciated! Dave
  2. jesus, 1500 to build a box? i think ill do it myself thanks for the reply.
  3. thanks jon wow you must have big stairs if youre fitting all those white goods underneath! ours is a small space so i literally just want to box it up so we can use it to store the hoover, ironing board and other crap.
  4. Hi everyone I want to create some under stairs storage and im after some advice from either a dIY'er thats done it before or a joiner who can give me a ball park price. im not sure if i should pay someone or do it myself, im pretty handy so it doesnt faze me but my time is limited so sometimes it makes sense to pay someone else to do it see pic : https://imgur.com/a/GaQG0AV measures approx , 2m wide , 1m depth , 2m high. how much do you think that might cost for someone to do? vs how much would the raw materials cost to do it myself? also, anything tricky you can think of that might cause me a headache. thanks!
  5. thanks spider for the advice, i'll pop to harolds first with the lock and see what they say. and then that place near jennings if i can find it. cheers again!
  6. hi spider, just want to check, have you looked at the new pics? im pretty sure asda dont sell these types of locks. i know they may sell the cylinder lock section where the key fits in but thats not the part thats broken. i went up to wickes earlier but they didnt have anything like this lock/mechanism. the only ones they had were much too deep to fit in my door. as you can see by my new pics its only about an inch deep. ill try a locksmiths. thanks.
  7. thanks for the help so far. ive managed to get the lock out which is fine and isnt my problem, it is the mechanism that is totally broken. see pics here: https://imgur.com/a/5Vk6clq any ideas if its possible to get a replacement? if not, what options do i have? thanks
  8. hi all the lock on my patio door has completely broken and i was wondering if any locksmith could give me advice on ways forward, are these things replaceable even if the door is quite old. https://imgur.com/a/EsDUag9 any advice would be great! many thanks Ted
  9. hi I couldn't find any replies to similar requests recently hence the new thread. sorry if its in the wrong place. We are looking at possibly buying a 2 bed bungalow with the idea of building a single storey extension on the side to create two new bedrooms and a bathroom. I know its a very difficult task to come up with a number but roughly how much is the going rate for something like that? I know people still say approx £1000 per sqm but does that still stand as a good guide these days? rough size would be 6.5mx5m (32.5sqm) would be nice to know if the price includes all the usual necessary work, eg: foundations, electrics, plumbing etc. I do have a 2d drawing showing existing building and new extension that i can send to anyone who can help. Also, has anyone been through the process of buying somewhere with the plan to significantly extend? I wondered the best way to go about it. Obviously i want to know if the planning would go ahead etc before buying it as its no where near big enough for us as it stands. thanks for any advice Ted
  10. They are yeh but usually it's a small path down the side or at least enough to physically get access to each wall. I'm talking about the situation where you can't physically get access to the wall of the house, it's crazy that it's allowed to happen imo.
  11. Hi everyone! ive done a search but couldnt find any existing threads so here goes. we are currently looking to move so spend most evenings on rightmove as you do. we have seen a few houses which we like the look of but i've been put off by the fact that the neighbours have built an extension on the side of their house which means there is now hardly any gap between their extension wall and the wall of the house for sale. i guess my question is two fold, 1. from a builders point of view what are the possible issues with this. I'm thinking about, if in future you need to do some maintanance on the house wall, how the heck do you do it? if the gap between the houses is now only a foot or so? 2. does anyone live in a house where the neighbours have extended on the drive so the walls are very close together, and if so, is it almost like living in a semi-detached in terms of noise from next door? any opinions on this from either a builder or someone living in a house like this would be much appreciated, i dont want to rule out a perfectly lovely home for no reason. thanks! Dave.
  12. hi suzy not sure if youve sorted this yet but i had my internal single garage converted this year. had it divided into two, so the back bit is storage, front bit is an office. replaced garage door with brick and window. you wont need full blown planning permission as you wont be extending the existing boundary of your house so its just internal changes. but you will need building regs sign off. This costs between £180-£400 ish depending on what you are doing.It sounda lot for basically a piece of paper at the end of it, but without that if you ever come to sell the property youll have a nightmare if you havent had it signed off properly. Best thing to do is get a couple of builders round to look and quote and if you are happy discuss with them about how they want to handle building regs. some builders will handle it all on your behalf, i did it myself, its just a case of organising the inspection visits really. Once you have your builder, ring the building office and tell them what you plan to do and what they need from you. they were really helpful when i spoke to them. youll need to give them atleast 48hours notice before work starts, they like to make an initial visit to go over what your going to do. Then theyll usually come back roughly half way through and then at the end to do a final sign off. good luck, and if you need any more advice just ask. contact details for bulding control office are: 0114 273 4168 Email: buildingcontrol@sheffield.gov.uk Web: http://www.sheffield.gov.uk/buildingcontrol cheers Ted
  13. morning! I know this is an older thread but we are thinking of moving from beighton to the dinnington area, including north or south anston. the schools are the main reason for the move, they get good ratings compared to westfield. there is a house for sale on swinston hill road and another a little closer to north anston on Lytham avenue, which looks to be close to a cemetery. can anyone comment on that area of dinnington? thanks !
  14. anyone recommend a builder to convert our internal garage? details can be found in my thread in the property and housing section thanks
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