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  1. In our house, way, way back, “ I’ll go to the foot of our stairs! “ was a comment made in disbelief of something as I recall. Another was said when in desperation of someone ie. “ I ‘ll knock her into the middle of next week!!” Just wish I could remember them all from my childhood!
  2. That saying in our house was “ three runs round table and a kick at cellar door!” My grandchildren think it is hilarious but what did it mean? ---------- Post added 14-08-2018 at 22:44 ---------- In our house it was always “ black over Bill’s mother’s “ when it looked like raining.
  3. Good morning! We really must stop meeting like this! Once again your comments brought back so many vivid memories as the Green ' Un was indeed a must in our household too. My Dad often sat and with a lead pencil, would copy those caricatures and very good he was too! I have one of his copies framed on my wall to this day! As a youngster I went to Owlerton with him every home game and Redfern Froggatt was perhaps my first crush.... Very handsome as I remember. I think I am right when I say that people were absolutely staggered when Albert Quixall was transferred for a record £45,000 many moons ago when that was a great deal of money! He was a very approachable young man who had time for his supporters. I also remember Derrick Dooley being a record goal scorer but his career coming to a tragic end when he damaged a leg on a very muddy pitch and subsequent injury and complications led to amputation. He lived very close to my parents in Norton. Once again, memories from many years ago and perhaps very different characters from an awful lot of today's sportsmen! Pity. Cheers Pauline
  4. Hi Dan Thank you so much for that info and very prompt too! My Dad might not have taken kindly to the fact that United train at Roe Lane now as he was blue and white through and through! ? Cheers Pauline
  5. How very interesting to read your thread. Born in 1907, my father played for Atlas & Norfolk from his teenage years until his late 40s in the 50s so you may even have played on the same team in spite of the age gap. He was Albert May and was a blacksmith at Firth Vickers on Weedon Street. He played very successfully in their football teams after the First World War and into the 20s. I wear two of his winning medals as very unusual pendants to this day! He was a wicketkeeper and very handy batsman on the cricket team. I have very vivid memories of happy Saturday afternoons spent at Roe Lane Sports Ground. Do not imagine there is any evidence of it today as I have tried to find it on Google. The former Sports Minister, Richard Cabourn, watched his father play on the same team. Best wishes, Pauline Underwood Durham
  6. Yes I was at Jordanthorpe Girls' School from 1960 to 1962. It was my very first teaching post as Miss Pauline May! I taught Maths., Geography and P.E. Only left as I married and moved to Durham. Some of my pupils formed a guard of honour with tennis racquets when I married at Norton Church in August 1962. I have some great memories of my time there and I also lived very locally on Low Edges Estate in Lupton Road.
  7. Hi there Kay I was at Abbeydale from '51 to '58 so perhaps a little ahead of you but our paths must have crossed. I was head of Nightingale from '57 to '58. Think Miss Bunch lived with another Geographer who made some outstanding gaffes in her time including........Sheffield would be flat if it was not for the hills! Oh what glorious memories! Cheers, Pauline
  8. Hi Cousin Kay (whoever you are!) Seriously it was lovely to read your comments and totally agree with your summing up of Doc Green! I went into the teaching profession in 1960 & met up with her when back in Sheffield, before my marriage, when I served on Old Girls' Association Committee. Saw a very different side of her then but today's kids would get a rude awakening ( as would some of today's teachers) if they were to encounter a head like she was! It would not do some of them any harm in my humble opinion! I remember Miss Long very well & I do know that she returned to her home area of West Yorkshire to take up a very senior position in a senior school. There really were some great women at Abbeydale but in all honesty I do not think that many would have faired well in a large inner city mixed comprehensive. Some of them would have been eaten alive!!! Thank you for your comments. Best wishes!
  9. The previous news makes me so sad! This really is the end of an era for me. I have so many wonderful memories of the years 1951 - 1958 spent at this great grammar school which made so much of an impression on my life. Whist I realise that all things change it reminds me as to how different education is today &not always for the better in my humble opinion. Best wishes to any former 'old girls' who might read this. Pauline Underwood nee May (Nightingale House) Cheers!
  10. Harry Atkinson's is mentioned in this thread. Is this the company which was based on Brightside Lane to my knowledge in the 40s and 50s and most probably before and after. My grandma lived at 404 from the very early 1900s. The Atkinson's were a lovely family. Was there a son called Ken? A very attractive daughter worked in the office. I loved to get in there when I visited my grandma and imagined I was at work even as a very small child. When my grandma died in 1951 Harry bought her house from my Mum and her sister for £650 as it had a huge yard which he could use for his lorries in addition to the yard he already had at 402. Such was the nature of the man, he did not turn out my aunt who lived there with her family. She chose to move out a few years later. Is this business still in existence somewhere else in the city run by Harry's current family? I wonder.
  11. Hi A slightly different thread for Firth Vickers Stainless Steel may be of interest to someone! Watching the Winter Olympics Bobsleigh reminds me that my late father, Albert May, and his fellow blacksmith colleagues made the runners for British bobsleigh sleds when the company sponsored the British teams taking part in competitions on the Cresta Run perhaps in the late 40s to 50s. Stainless steel was perfect for the runners as I was to experience on my little sledge which everyone wanted a ride on !!! Great days!
  12. Peter Enjoy is certainly the right word as I am totally hooked to the exploration of this Forum! It certainly arouses memories & so many good ones too. Thank you so much for your messages which I have found so very interesting. I think I am wasting a lot of time browsing the topics but my husband tries to convince me I am enjoying myself. Trouble is, it reminds me just how ancient I now am!! Regards, I have enjoyed the exchanges,Pauline ---------- Post added 16-02-2014 at 17:14 ---------- I am watching the Winter Olympics with keen interest but am reminded that Firth Vickers sponsored Great Britain Teams in Bobsleigh in the past. I we'll remember my Dad being very proud that he and his fellow blacksmith colleagues made the runners used on bobs when competitions were regularly on the Cresta Run. I think this May have been in the late 40s into the 50s. Guess who always had a great sledge!! Can anyone add to this memory?
  13. Hello again! So glad to have been able to jog your memory! I know Dad played in the same cricket X1 as George Caborne who definitely worked at Firth Browns & was the father of the former Labour Sports Minister, Richard Caborne. This would suggest that in those years teams were made up of workers from both companies and would explain why they played at Roe Lane. Richard was perhaps 4years younger than me but we played together many a Saturday afternoon there on YES the half day off a week that the blacksmiths had each week! He told me that they worked weekends to do maintenance work on tools and machinery when much of the other departments were closed Saturday & Sundays. What a workload for so little pay!!! Thank you for your interest. Regards Pauline
  14. Atlas & Norfolk certainly belonged to Firth Browns but Firth Vickers also used the same facilities as them at Roe Lane in the time my father played his sports. I we'll remember the many happy hours I spent from being just a toddler in the early 40s to my teenage years up to the late 50s watching him play at Roe Lane & taking part in the annual sports day held there every Summer for children of workers from both firms. Perhaps in later years there was a ground just for Vickers on Bawtry Road. Regards
  15. Hi there! Thank you so much for your interest. Unfortunately I do not remember the name of your Dad but obviously they MUST have worked together. I do believe that most of the steel companies sports teams played under the umbrella of Sheffield & District Works Sports Association in the years when my Dad was playing his football And cricket from about 1922 to the late '50s!! Yes he played cricket into his 50s. I have three medals which he won playing football in the Raleigh & Haig Leagues in the '20s &each is hall-marked gold & silver. I wear them as necklaces & often get comments on how unusual they are. Would not sell them for the world! Regards Pauline
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