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  1. So without resorting to stereotypes what would cause you or your family to leave home without a word to anyone and fly 2000 miles to join a bunch of murderous cut throats?
  2. It was available at Coach & Horses at Dronfield last week. £6/pint on keg or £6.50 for 500ml bottle. I prefer regular Jaipur or Kipling. As for bottles of silly stuff I'm happy with Crafty Hen, Sheperd Neame Double Stout or Mcewans Champion. All available 4 for £5 at ASDA. They also sell Anastasia Russian Stout on the £2 Tuesdays at the Tap House in Chezzy. You can even get a couple of pints to take home in a tetra pack. http://www.perfectpint.co.uk/real-ale-beers-info/1361/Barlow-Brewery/Anastasia-Russian-Imperial-Stout
  3. I think that is the only senario that I have heard that would excuse their treachery.
  4. That's the difference between your imagined internet gleened knowlrdge and my financial advisors actual knowledge. It is called understanding. :hihi:
  5. It is pretty clear that we are dealing with a fool who gives advice out of ignorance backed up by his internet searches. The only bigger fool would be the fool that listens and uses such advice.
  6. Ah still blowing this one out your backside I see. More of your total knowledge gained from google is it? I have no liability for my earnings. My accountant told me that. That is because I followed the advice from a financial advisor. He is fully aware of all the rules and unlike you doesn't get his knowledge from google. As I said in the bit you quoted "I'm not even convinced that there is a tax liability on overseas investments anyhow".. That's because there are so many areas where such tax can be offset any decent financial advisor will be able to show you how to offset any tax that might otherwise be due. That's the advantage of paying for advice from experts rather than cyber idiots who think they know everything.
  7. Are you buying the pub or taking a lease from a pubco?
  8. Well that's the thing. You seem to think that your lack of knowledge on the subject combined with your ability to use google somehow makes you know more about my tax affairs than my financial advisor and my accountant. Oddly enough I don't, but do feel free to google financial advisor or accountant and report back. :hihi::hihi:
  9. Priceless. I think you answered your own question. :hihi::hihi:
  10. Do they then break in to those adresses and come out through the front door when the taxi arrives? Not stupid? You do a very good impression.
  11. Indeed. That says it all really. Not only the excuse maker but now you are a witness as well.
  12. Indeed. Unfortunately there are some who feel running a pub, or selling hot pork butties should be a capital offence.
  13. Although you could move to Rotherham where the authorities seem to ignore pretty much anything you do providing you are from the correct ethnic background.
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