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  1. I'm curious if anyone has had experience of photographic a proper eclipse (not the uk cloud versions ). I will be in the US in August, right under the totality of an eclipse. I can't take lots of equipment but I was wondering if anyone had tried using welding glass for this king of work? A solar filter is waaaay to expensive. My digging says that No12 glass will give a 15stop reduction so that should be enough to take a picture of the sun. Obviously looking through the view finder is still a no no but i can use the liveview to see the image. Anyone had good results with this?
  2. I took the Sheffiel vote as a whole. I hold my hands up and admit that Clegg probably did go with his voters. Not so much Smith though. See we're all grown ups here. I can admit error although i'm not sure the name calling adds much to any debate.
  3. Smith didn't. Her marginal seat of Penistone and Stocksbridge, "defied the official position of her party yesterday and the 61.3 per cent of her constituency who voted for Brexit." Clegg doesn't suprise me. I'm not a fan despite him being my MP. Smith on the other hand clearly went against her constituence. it wasn't even close in her borough, she ignored 61% of her voters.
  4. After yesterdays vote both Nick Clegg and Angela Smith voted against the brexit bill. In light of the fact that the area they represent voted in favour during the referendum, can they still maintain that they represent the people. Should they be asked to resign and have a by election on the basis that they have no mandate to vote the way they did from the electorate in their constiuencies? I understand the whole "they don't have to if they believe it to be wrong", but have they overstepped their mandate?
  5. That doesn't sound unreasonable. Tag usually quote £200 to £400 dependant on the movement. There's a lot involved in a proper service.
  6. There's a map on the website. If you have a smart phone there is also a "Herd of Sheffield" app. It includes a map and more details of each elephant. I believe they were all paid for either via sponsorship by local business or in the case of the small ones, each school paid for the elephant. I know our young uns school did a bit of fund raising and bought one to paint (or stick things on to). The kids all joined in and its now on display. We've seen all the small ones and now need to go and find the big ones (small ones are all over the place including Abbeydale Industrial Hamlet, Kelham Island Museum, Weston Park, Hallam Uni and Ponds Forge). Its just nice to have something positive and light hearted to follow. The kids enjoyed it, the artisits did a great job and the public can have fun finding them. Whats not to love.
  7. Bargepole, touch, wouldn't, with. Rearrange at your leasure. I use Highbank (after Halfords took me for a mug). Highbank are competitive and good quality.
  8. I worked out a long time ago that big chain supermarkets are the worst place to buy spices. I tend to go to Hamza supermarket in pagehall who have a good selection that seems to turn over regularly (i like to grind my own). I haven't really explored further so where else is good? Is there somewhere that you really recommend.
  9. And the subsidised bar. You can't forget that. After all its where we spent every Friday afternoon. At a quid a pint there were some serious sessions had.
  10. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2016/04/29/calls-for-traffic-lights-to-be-switched-off-as-study-finds-drive/ Minister says council planners are too quick to install traffic lights and its slowing traffic. I have to agree. In Sheffield its worse than most. Penistone road and the top of Hanover way are shocking. For a 4 mile journey its about 1 every 150 yards. Will planners listen or does congestion play into a plan to demonise motorists?
  11. All off to sunny Glasgow IIRC. I think the Scottish Government offered them an insentive to build a big centre up there so they are closing all the other sites. The ground opposite that was Gordon Lamb has recently been cleared as well. I'm suprised it hasn't got travellers on it by now.
  12. Its still a HP building but people have moved out. It will probably be shut by the end of the year as all functions are moved to other strategic locations. One of the blocks is now occupied by Sheffield university. Its been for sale for a while, with HP keeping the lease until its sold. Its a big building and i suspect few businesses would want to take it on. With the central parking area i imagine it will end up as flats at some point.
  13. I've had an idea for a tattoo and a quote on it. My problem is I can't make up my mind if its appropriate or not. I love it but I don't want to offend anyone. I want a design with the quote "Look for me in the whirlwind or the storm". I like the sentiment and the design would probably be on a lions head. It sort of says even if I'm not there my influence is. However the quote is from Marcus Garvey and goes on to say he will bring a million dead black slaves to support the fight for black liberty (that won't be part of the tattoo). Would a white man having this on a tattoo be appropriate? I've read a lot about Marcus Garvey and despite him having many flaws he was a very enigmatic character. (Books on his life are well worth a read) I am also a lover of Reggae and Ska which is where the interest in Rastafarian culture comes from. Secondly my cousins is drawing up a design for me so it will be individual. Will Van Schaicks in Hillsborough be able to do it? Its fairly arty all in black but with some intricate patterning on the mane. What is their work like?
  14. Well despite the mixed opinions we took the young un to the event today. He loved it. The show outside the town hall was great. The highlight was all the star wars characters wandering round which thought was awsome. The peace gardens where really really busy. If i had to say anything I'd say the halloween area on the moore was a bit lacking. Overall we had a great day with a serious excited young lad. One addition, there was a lad who i think was a cosplayer rather than paid entertainment. He was dressed as a very good deadpool. He was brilliant with our lad who recognised the character and made a little boy very happy, so thanks.
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