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  1. mr squirrel, the mechanic was very certain that the diesels froze up, i have parked it in the garage and put a charger on the battery....


    so will check it tomorrow as he was 100% sure it will fire up.


    i changed the glow plugs as its been weak to start on cold mornings anyway. So you wouldn't reccommend a bit of petrol in the tank?? i also thought that diesel doesnt freeze as my mates and other family diesel cars have been fine.

  2. London Boulevard -- Quite disappointing despite having a good cast & talent behind the making of film. The characters were lifeless & had no energy about them despite the film being based on British gangstas. Farell & Knightley's characters failed to pull off their romance. It just did not work. Knightley's character Charlotte was based on a movie star who is hiding from the outside world yet she came across as wooden & pouting in every other shot. Big let down.




    YEP, agree with you bizzle, I thought it would have been a lot better with the cast, also i enjoy watching british gangster movies but this was dissapointing.

    I would rate it a lovely 2/10....LOL


    Was in two minds to watch this or unstoppable, anyone seen unstoppable yet???

  3. Has anyone used these guys before???




    Just had a quote from them and they seem very competitive, they do all sorts of insurance, home, taxi etc...

  4. thinking of buying a lexus is200 on a 1999 - 2000 reg, with about 100-130kish on the clock... what are these like, are these quite economical? was impressed by all the electronics they have.... btw, i do more local mileage than mway..


    always had german cars but felt like a change.



  5. i am changing my supplier from npower to edf as they gave me a decent quote on my current bill which seemed high, i am saving roughly £150 a quarter by changing to edf....


    what are edf like and has anyone had any problems with them?

    still got 7 days to cancel, so would appreciate some feedback.



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