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  1. mr squirrel, the mechanic was very certain that the diesels froze up, i have parked it in the garage and put a charger on the battery.... so will check it tomorrow as he was 100% sure it will fire up. i changed the glow plugs as its been weak to start on cold mornings anyway. So you wouldn't reccommend a bit of petrol in the tank?? i also thought that diesel doesnt freeze as my mates and other family diesel cars have been fine.
  2. my cars not firing up after having a mechanic check it over and put in new glow plugs its still not firing, he said its due to the diesel being frozen in the tank!! anyone had this problem and anyway of sorting it?? thanks
  3. YEP, agree with you bizzle, I thought it would have been a lot better with the cast, also i enjoy watching british gangster movies but this was dissapointing. I would rate it a lovely 2/10....LOL Was in two minds to watch this or unstoppable, anyone seen unstoppable yet???
  4. gona try some of these as the neighbours dont give a damn as i dont think they even care about them, why have cats if you aint gona bother with them!!
  5. i'm having this problem too, its soo annoying!
  6. Has anyone used these guys before??? <removed> Just had a quote from them and they seem very competitive, they do all sorts of insurance, home, taxi etc...
  7. thanks guys, will sort it out when i have some spare time...
  8. my hp 6735s laptop is getting very hot after about 30 mins use... typical but its just ran out of warranty.....any ideas whats wrong with it and how much this will cost to sort out? cheers
  9. not heard back from andymod! so does anyone else have this?
  10. anyone have this, its a diagnostic tool for the laptop for the VAG range of cars. i need someone to sort the timing out on my fathers car... thanks
  11. thinking of buying a lexus is200 on a 1999 - 2000 reg, with about 100-130kish on the clock... what are these like, are these quite economical? was impressed by all the electronics they have.... btw, i do more local mileage than mway.. always had german cars but felt like a change. thanks
  12. reccommendation for a new guy on here called martinsgas (gas safe registered), he has just fitted me a gas fire, (first one he has fitted but has done a good job), gave me a very competitive quote which he stuck too even though we encountered a few problems, he is a nice guy and takes pride in his work. One of the best tradesmen i have found on this site.
  13. hi, need a balanced flue gas fire fitting any reccommendations?? also has anyone had one of these fitted and what is a rough cost? thanks
  14. JUST HALAL KEBABS - WICKER quality kebabs...
  15. i have just changed from n power, was paying way too much with them. Moving to EDF, as they seem more reasonable.
  16. matik why is that, was going to change to them at first??
  17. cynic i checked that myself too and it is a good saving...
  18. i'm not paying by DD, paying quarterly when i receive the bill. Sparky the one im goin on is the 'online saver 6', did you not get offered this? i did it online and this came out with the biggest saving...
  19. i am changing my supplier from npower to edf as they gave me a decent quote on my current bill which seemed high, i am saving roughly £150 a quarter by changing to edf.... what are edf like and has anyone had any problems with them? still got 7 days to cancel, so would appreciate some feedback. cheers
  20. the oil feed pipe isnt leaking, so not sure what it can be, he is going to investigate it, at the meantime its parked up, as its got a major oil leak now!
  21. actually he is a decent mechanic, must be the time of year! im just asking for advice as other people might have experienced similar probs....
  22. thanks guys, i am taking the car back too him so will ask the mechanic to check the intercooler etc, its just had a full service though so it cant be the oil....
  23. hi, yep all the hoses are on as i was the one who took it back to make sure its been done right, the MAF was changed at the time for a new bosch one and that didnt make it perform any better. The car is also leaking oil now which it wasnt doing before....
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