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  1. wanting to do a IT course/training to develop my IT skills. Want to go into a support technician role, just wandering if anyone has done any courses and where and if it a successful choice??


    I have looked at compTIA+ and MCITP delivered by skillsoft, which is being offered by reed.co.uk, has a steep price tag....

  2. kaymarie, yes i have requested it to be paid directly to me which they agreed and filled the form out with my bank details, but when i phoned the council they said we cant do this until they are 8 weeks in arrears, which is a joke, so im basically going to lose 2 months rent!!! HB is a joke! The council arent bothered what they do with the money even if it is fraud which it clearly is as there is no way the council has not paid them!

  3. In an ideal world we wouldn't have housing benefit.


    And they wouldn't be able to pay you a penny.


    You seem really upset about not being able to claim housing benefit on behalf of others.


    Are you part of the benefit class?


    WOT R U ON???? i aint claming the benefit for no one, im the landlord, my tenants are ripping me off with the DSS, u get it now????

    I aint part of the benefit class!!

  4. yes you're quite right, english villains dont discriminate and would rob anybody, point i was trying to make was that asians would not rob other asians thats all :)


    how do you know that??? trust me it does happen!!

    a thief/thug will rob whoever it doesnt matter if they are the same ethnicity as them or not!

  5. need advice on how to evict a tenant, they have been living there for 3 months now and never pay the rent on time, its always 2-3 weeks late???

    They get dss and always make excuses; they have not recieved the cheque yet etc...


    Isn't DSS always paid on time, so they can cash it in and pay the landlord as i thought this was the standard procedure??


    any help appreciated.


  6. we got a parking ticket last night, after circling the car park for 20 mins and could not find a space, so we parked on the side road walking towards the arena, where the 2 restaurants are. (parked there before without any ticket)

    Got a parking ticket for £70 or if paid within 14 days its £35..... and its from the sheffield council, thought cineworld is privately owned, so why is this ticket from the sheff council???? any ideas....... might just pay it to get them off my back!!!!

  7. this has been discussed many times, but here goes......


    if you like kebabs you should check out just halal kebabs on the wicker, they make there own doner and there shish kebebs are the best i've had...


    curries - akbars in rotherham. A bit dark in there but the foods nice.

  8. i have fitted the bronze one but its coming off, atleast it did yesterday, so dont really want to risk it again, the plastic one has just come off again.....


    The water in the pipe isn't turning into ice atleast it isnt now as i have just been to check, but it is filled with water, the pipe is outside and there is no stop tap on it... i have had some insulation round the pipe but that hasnt helped...

  9. outside 15mm copper pipe keeps leaking, its attached to a garden tap and its had a plasctic stop end on it for over a year but has been coming off in this very cold climate, so i bought a compression bronze stop end last week, that was ok but again came off yesterday just as i was about to go out, so i have put the plastic one back on as i didnt have any time or spanners to tighten the bronze one, but have got a feeling its going to come off again and im on a water meter so i dont wana be out all day whilst its leaking.....


    any ideas on what i can use that will do the trick??? or is it best to get it capped off by a plumber once & for all and how much to do this???? i know its only a small job but i need it sorting...



  10. update, thought i would let you guys know incase anyone else suffers from this....


    got the AA out and after some thought by the patrol man, he thought the fuel pump had gone but after checking and looking around the engine bay he noticed a plug was loose and wasn't sitting correctly which went to the camshaft sensor, he held it tight and it started, so he has taped it and its firing up nicely now...:)


    not sure if i needed them new glow plugs or if this sensor was causing the slow start up on cold mornings, as ever since its been cold its taken a while to start??


    BTW the AA guy did say diesel should'nt freeze in these conditions but he said its possible.


    top service from the AA

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