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  1. i wouldnt say its illegal as there are a lot of cars on the road that dont have a DPF fitted to them.
  2. thanks mafya, going to ring them and get some prices. anyone else used this guy?
  3. thanks guys, mafya heard of this place, does your dads car smoke more now and what is the power like now? thanks
  4. Hi, Has anybody had their DPF gutted and the car remapped? as my DPF is causing problems on my car. If so who did you use and is there anyone local who can do this? also did you have any problems after this procedure? thanks in advance
  5. cool, think i'm going to go for the S3, just looking for a good deal, 3 are offering me an ok deal but not sure if i want to stay with them? verona which network is that with? and which colour did you get, the white or blue??
  6. anyone got one of these yet? and what are your views?
  7. cool, might get the S3 then, lets see if 3 can give me a good offer, because i might try o2 this time...
  8. need a new phone soon, which one should I get the iphone4s or the new samsung galaxy 3?? I know there are a lot of discussions on this but wanted to ask on here... thanks
  9. anyone else faced this problem??
  10. the garage just gave me a 3 month warranty, did not mention no limitations on the invoice, it clearly states 3 month warranty. Darth, what went wrong with your car and what was the outcome?? thanks
  11. thanks guys, i thought that was the case, but i just thought i would check on here to see if someones experienced a similar problem. Will ring trading standards and see what the deal is.
  12. anyone out there bought a car from a local garage with warranty and then the car developed a fault and what was the outcome? as i bought a car with 3 month warranty which runs out in a few weeks and the mechanic noticed the gearbox has been leaking oil after he serviced it and showed me? i have tried talking to the garage but they are not having it!!
  13. cheers guys will see wot we can do, i heard the section 21 is the best cause of action as the section 8 can be a pain, is that right??
  14. kay marie, this is a friend of mine with the same problem, he was getting the housing paid directly from the council because they were 8 weeks in arrears, but now the housing as stopped after further investigation the council are saying they are awaiting information from the tenant, which they are not getting so they can not pay the housing benefit. The tenant will not provide them with this information as she doesnt want the landlord getting the money....... should he serve her a section 21 and get the property back as the contracts ends in 3/4 months time as i was told the section 8 route is very expensive is this right??? thanks for the advice
  15. they are getting housing benefit and not passing it onto the landlord
  16. he has done that tomd but they wont correspond with him as they are saying its confidential, the council are not even bothered!
  17. he hasnt got insurance, he's new to the tenancy business. I have told him to instruct these guys but just wandered if anyone has used them?
  18. http://sheffield.legal4landlords.com/residental-eviction/ trying to help a mate get rid of his dodgy non paying tenants and the council is still paying them dss even after being in rent arrears for over 4 months!
  19. thanks guys... think i might leave it then, as the dude is very keen on getting me aboard, he keeps ringing me....
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