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  1. Dale I agree with you 100%, but nothing will be done!

    A lot of the arena peeps park there for free parking and get away with it, they should have some kind of restriction, but how would they action it as anybody can say they are watching a film and go to the arena... who is to know??

  2. Toasty, I am not shifting the blame I agree with both sides and I even said they will get what they deserve!!! I am merely saying parents need to take better responsibility with kids that young going out late at night!! I wasn't allowed out after 8pm when I was a youth!

    We live in a cruel dangerous world all we can do is be careful, you wouldn't leave your car unlocked on the road over night would you... now I am not saying a car is the same as a human being before you start flipping!!

  3. I agree with both sides here, but these girls should not be out at stupid o clock for these disgusting preys to set on them! there parents/carers need to keep an eye out on them and try to control them! I live near an area which I have to drive through to get home on weekends and you see girls out after 10/11pm trolling the streets as young as 12/13, yearning for attention!! these girls should be at home watching TV or in bed, they should not be out at that time!!


    These dirty groomers or whatever you want to call them will get what they deserve!!

  4. I am after buying a new mobile phone offline as I cant be asked to pay £40 plus a month on contract for 2 years...


    I have a Samsung S3 at the mo and am looking into either a Samsung S5 or sony experia Z2/Z3 or anything similar, have any of you guys got these phones and what's your take on them and which one do you recommend?


    if anyone is selling one pm meeee

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