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  1. Agree with you, too many cowboys around these days. I am going to use homeserve to do mine, as they were going to replace with their own tap, which looked rubbish compared to my old one, so they told me to buy my own and they would fit as they don't do like for like, which is crap! my last one lasted almost 7 years so need something to last as long or longer than this at least. anyone used ikea taps and are they good quality?
  2. I have heard its very greasy and oily and the portions are crap and spital hill is the last place i would eat from lol just halal kebabs make their own donner too and theirs isn't greasy, which is a big plus
  3. tried a few of these and still think just halal kebabs is the best for kebabs, their donner meat is proper meat and not that crappy rubber stuff you get from most places!
  4. i need a new quality kitchen tap, have any of you fitted ikea ones and are they any good or shall i stick to the likes of grohe? thanks
  5. yep, I told them that, they were confused and said we don't have any deals like that
  6. rang plusnet on two separate occasions and they don't have any deals for fibre, line and calls for 21.99, best they could do fibre was around 25ish a month for 6 months then over 30 for the rest of the 18 months.
  7. i started this thread for some advice on CCTV cameras and what systems are good to fit, not all this nonsense....
  8. cool, let me know how it is and how much would you charge me for putting this or a similar system up?
  9. its more for peace of mind than anything else, not into spying on people!! thanks mafya, how much did it cost you to set this up/or cost me to set this up? can you view the cameras on your smart phone too? starlc, what kinda system do you have and is it good quality recording?
  10. i would get a new one but its going to be a big job... anyone else any ideas?
  11. true mate, probs best to give them a call, does that price include evening and weekend calls or is that extra? thanks
  12. thats a good deal from plusnet, but i just looked on there website and the deal mentioned above is a lot more than £22 a month for fibre and line rental
  13. hi i am thinking of putting cctv up externally outside my house, looking for around 3 cameras decent quality, any of you got any advice on what system i should go for and a rough price if you have had CCTV fitted? thanks
  14. hi, noticed i got a hairline crack in my shower tray about 7 inches long, no leaks yet, does anyone know what i can use to repair it before it gets worse? thanks
  15. hi, what is a good broadband package to go for? currently with sky and paying lot more than other companies. i have seen a good deal from fuel broadband, but checked reviews on the net and they seem rubbish, anyone on here got fuel broadband and what are your views?
  16. want it to be fairly light, have a 13inch screen and good battery life, around 300-400ish?
  17. thanks guys, I want to spent around 300-400, the one my friend has is a new hp i3 4gb ram one but seemed slow to me, so I probs do need a 8gb ram, is this day and night difference? I have seen a refurbished apple MacBook i3 for lot more than I want to pay but am considering it as I want something to last me a good few years, are these good laptops?
  18. I am already with sky, so that's a no no.... one of my friends has a hp i3 4gb ram laptop and it seems slow to me, so need something a little faster?
  19. Need a laptop to do office work and just browsing the net, 2-3 hours use a day. What laptop and spec can you guys recommend, want it to be fairly fast... Thanks
  20. Hi, Anyone had any dealings with gb energy? As I have had a quote of them and they beat my existing supplier hands down... They are a new company so wanted to ask.. Thanks ---------- Post added 10-06-2015 at 13:08 ---------- Anyone.......
  21. wowww that long, speaks for itself then...
  22. yep 1295, its killing my battery I could go all day with 50% remaining, now with lollipop same usage its on 25% at the end of the day. maybe its early days but not happy with it... now how do I get kitkat back?
  23. just halal kebabs on wicker, donner, shish, chicken, very tasty, I would rate it the best or one of the best in Sheffield...
  24. has anyone had the lollipop update on there android device and what do you think too it? I have had one on my Sony phone but preferred kit kat, maybe I will get used too it.....
  25. it will be an excellent fight, but Kell Brook is unheard of across the globe, he needs to fight some real fighters not KO KO Dan, once he proves himself I think Khan will take him on, its not about the money for Khan, this proves it!
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