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  1. hi done some comparison site quotes but not sure who to go for, what is a good insurance company to use who will provide a good service and if things go wrong will pick up the claim and not fob me off??


    any views on this and also is it worthwhile getting the home emergency cover with home insurance and how good is this?



  2. hi,


    who has solar panels and is it worth it? which company is best to go for?

    i had someone round few years ago who told me i cant have it on my roof as it didnt get enough sun light, few weeks ago i had another company round, who said i can have it as their system is different but its very expensive.


    any advioce welcome...

  3. I knocked about down there in the 70s in the Cow,Lion ect so don't call me a parrot,I also went through most days to work and the stabbings ect didn't happen then, you seem to know sod all about this city of ours so climb out of Cyclones Backside and give your own opinion if you have one.


    their was no social media back in the 70's, hence why it wasnt publicised like it is these days...

    I dont think Wicker is that bad personally, DC two stabbings?? i thought it was only one and that was from clubbers in sadacca whom were probably from out of town as they have a end of month bash there and crowds come from all over yorkshire to it.

  4. honestly some people on here..


    i have been going to wicker for over 10 years and i have never felt unsafe, wicker is probably more safer than london road and west street.

    This trouble flared up because of a end of month bash at sadacca amongst the club goers, it has got nothing to do with the spital hill fiasco that has been going on for a few weeks. Now spital hill is a biit of an unsafe area you always get guys hanging around there causing trouble.... People only go on the wicker to get some food or go to the pharmacy.


    i will be going down the wicker for a kebab friday night, this has not put me of as in reality this was a rare incident on the wicker and could have happened anywhere!

  5. thanks guys,


    norseman is this the contour one? is yours very firm or is it a medium one and does your head just sink in to it?

    i have ordered a contour memory foam one, hope it fixes my neck and gives me comfortable medium support...


    I use JML ones, they aren't cheap about £23 and they have a large ridge on one side with a smaller one on the other and since I've been using one - about 4.5 years no problems since, whether you opt to use the large bit or small bit is personal choice, it supports your neck in a better position when sleeping


    ---------- Post added 08-03-2017 at 23:26 ----------



    Better still go to an osteopath, the active health care clinic works the muscle more and is more gentle than the sudden bone crunching of Chiropractors which always isn;'t a necessary requirement

  6. Hi,


    just wanted to ask if any of you can recommend me a pillow for neck pain as i have been getting bad neck pain and believe the pillow is causing this.... Anyone been in a similar boat?


    i like a plumpy pillow not too firm and not too soft, i have looked at a memory foam contour one but not sure as never used one of these before.



  7. No it isn't greasy and oily and I prefer quality over quantity myself.

    If you havnt actually eaten one yourself then you need to give it a try and may change your opinion based on hearsay....


    I tried it Saturday night and it was greasy, it tasted ok but their large mix was more like a small lol, i will stick to just halal kebabs they have been around since 1986, must be a reason for that. :)

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