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  1. Where's going to be best boot out of tomorrow or Monday was thinking donny tomorrow or proact and maybe twin oaks on Monday or tansley. I've got quite a bit to sell so would like to go where it's gonna be busiest. Cheers
  2. Hi where's best place to go as a buyer tomorrow? Monday the 30th? Was thinking maybe old Coates also what times etc?. Thank you.
  3. Hello, has anybody got any info on good local activitys to do today with my wife and 2 children (20 months and 5) Must be free or cheap as not a lot of money today but we have a car so can travel.
  4. Anybody know what's best bet to do a stall tomorrow? Usually do old Coates or Donny but got electricals so don't want to ruin everything. Was thinking proact???
  5. Thanks very much, which one was that? Was many buyers there too?
  6. Has anybody been to either oldcoates or keepmoat this year? Desperate to have a clear out.
  7. I repair laptops usually onsite within an hour 15 years experience fully insured service.
  8. will downgrade as required with all drivers etc £15
  9. Try taking the screen out and make sure the cable is plugged in properly if your unsure how to do this google screen replacement for your specific model
  10. Apple eco system is more reliable than windows but windows has a lot more dsoftware options, weigh out the packages you use and if there available on apple it's a no brainer
  11. Get the retina ipad mini it's cheaper but the same spec as the air I got it the day it came out it's the best thing ive ever bought
  12. I may have one that I would sell I will check my spares after work
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