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  1. Thanks for your ideas guys... writers block..... indeed. I thought Hey I live in Sheffield I will write about Sheffield and get famous.... not that easy. I have loads other better blogs with a proper domain and all..... but my attempt at creating an extraordinary blog all about Sheffield really has failed. I guess I could take pictures of Sheffield and make like a art project and try to make Sheffield interesting and then add little political and moral statements under the photos..... but that sounds to good to just do on a un-customizeable word press blog..... that based on a subdomain. Im also not the greatest writer (really bad grammar at times) either so I think photos which speak a thousand words maybe better and more interesting. (side note new to the forum and surprised how friendly and active it is!)
  2. thanks for the ideas, I think il start with nick clegg never did like him...
  3. I never actually knew that cool my hopes for Sheffield gone up!
  4. Why did the steel work go under I get coal runs out but steel works you dont really need to mine steel right? Iv never gotten really why maybe because it is all before my time...I just see now that the north and Sheffield really doesn't produce anything new...
  5. Iv started a Sheffield blog.. but Im failing at the moment simply because I have no idea what I can talk about at the moment... apart from how northern England should be independent to the rest of uk and other madness lol... any got any ideas? Thanks!
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