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  1. http://arpc65.arm.ac.uk/cgi-bin/fireballs/last10.pl
  2. Does anyone know what is happening just off Holywell road police tape and Holywell road closed to traffic
  3. when this happened to me I was so fed up. then a neighbor phoned the environmental health. They shifted it PDQ. Just threaten them say the environmental health are now involved and give them 24hours to shift it or you will get a skip to put their skip in if they don't move it.
  4. Yes Tony it is a good cause to get behind. A lot of people have said that they can't get down to the market to sign the petition so I have set up an online petition for them. Click the link below to contribute to the cause, Peppermint http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/saveportlandworks Ps. yes Tony you might be bias but I like your photgraphs :-)
  5. I would like to bring Portland Works to people’s attention. Portland works on Randall Street Sheffield is a Grade2 listed building of which if the owner gets his way will be redeveloped into 77 flats. As it is a listed building nothing can be done to the outside of the building but the inside can be red eloped. What is the problem I hear you ask? What no one is saying is that the inside of Portland works is home to apron 16 little workshops in which there are little mesters workshops. These workshops are still running. Pictures of Sheffield old and new face book group have at the moment a display in the castle market. They have a wall dedicated to the workshop in Portland works and a petition to stop the redevelopment going ahead. If these workshops go, so will part of Sheffield’s history. I am appealing to as many people as I can to call into the castle market and look at the Portland works display and sign the petition. Peppermint
  6. it started on the 25th of Jan and will be there for 10 weeks over the 10 weeks some of the pictures will be changed so new images will be put up. So if you go more than once you will probably see more pics. Not when first lot will be changed. I will post on here when they change them.
  7. Has anyone been down to the Castle market to see the display? It has a good insight to all the changes that sheffield has gone through and also pictures of things like the floods and other major events.
  8. Hi olec, spot on mate am in contact with him now. So in contact with son and daughter Thanks 1 and all.
  9. Hi guys thanks for all your help I have found his daughter on facebook so have just come to say thanks
  10. thanks Olec just sent adamski1 a pm , will see what happens. Thanks guys will post when and if I find him
  11. Thanks guys will try your suggestion, but am still wanting to know from anyone who knows him, would help with the school project.
  12. Hi I am trying to contact Alan Kilby for the school I work at. I have looked on the net to see if I could find an email address for him or a typetalk number or even a text number and came up with a total blank. I work with deaf children and we are doing a topic on famous deaf people and he is one of the people picked as he does come from Sheffield, If there is anyone out there that can help either reply to the forum or private message me please. Heres Hoping Peppermint
  13. Mary Key Sorry didnt get back to you, Will let mary know we have found your mum and take it from there. She wanted to see if your mum was still around. Hope to pm you soon.
  14. my mate Bob said he hung around with the debonaires (not sure of spelling) he work with chaz (charlie) at the initial laundery round 1960. and used to go out with them about 5 days a week to their concerts for free. Also the forresters group. he met his wife through one of them. He is still classed as one of the family to mick danks his mum was like a second mum to him(god rest her soul)(of the forresters) he and geoff baily went on after to be known as mike and geoff stuart.
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