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  1. Hi there we're a newly established post-punk band (we're in our twenties all with previous live band experience) and are seeking a Keyboard player (Synth sound preferably) to join our band. However we'd really like to find someone who can also play (besides them playing keyboard) a solo instrument, preferably a horn instrument: Sax/Trumpet/Trombone/Brass, though are open to other suggestions (especially anything exotic sounding) Our influences are Talking Heads, Oingo Boingo, The Police, Magazine, XTC, Devo, Joy Division, Blondie etc Please contact lukesimnett (at) hotmail.co.uk or Private Message me Thank you Luke
  2. Steel City Rhythm! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_6GJ65N0FcU
  3. "Its a bit black o'er our Bills mothers" (referring to the weather) ---------- Post added 03-12-2013 at 23:29 ---------- Hear all, See all say nowt Eat all Sup all Pay nowt And if tha ever does owt for nowt Make sure tha does it for thi sen!
  4. Yeh, it's not a commercial station actually, its a community project, involving youth projects etc. Its based in Kiveton Park and helps get the youth off the streets doing something productive etc
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