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  1. Another thumbs up for Kosta. Went in last Thursday for the first time greeted by Kosta himself very friendly and welcoming. Had the Gyro with pork and salad all very nice and very fresh no limp lettuce leafs here. Good price cheaper than greedy greek and also better quality. Will def be visiting again.
  2. Sad to hear about Steve Ellis I do remember him well. Was a very fit guy doing all that lifting etc.
  3. My dad used to work here, he was a lorry driver I think his name is Thomas Codd anybody know him. I remember as a young lad my dad used to take me round the factory on the fork lift truck. my dad used to know a fella called Ali who worked at the guard house I think.
  4. Looking for a complete refurb of the bathroom any recommendations for someone who can rip old one out, install new suite and tile etc. Another question, I am thinking about buying the suite and the tile myself and getting a quote just to fit it etc, is this how installers normally work? Cheers.
  5. Can anyone recommend a firm that can replace my current upvc windows with the same. Need one for the bathroom and one for the kitchen. Looking for the traditional design with the one opener at top. Cheers.
  6. I worked in the Warehouse around 1980 - 81. My boss was a guy called Harold Lemons the warehouse manager, also worked with a guy called Steve. Harold as long gone now i understand, wondered what happened to Steve, also remember other shop staff, Eileen who worked in provisions, a guy called Brian I think who worked in wines and spirits, remember a semi retired bloke called Len who used to work around the back in the boiler room. This was my first job and brings back good memories every time i drive pass the old place. My name is Garry Codd.
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