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  1. Home made or cheap shop bought rubbish? We use a metal tray with holes in the bottom and always make them from scratch
  2. Sounds like those stories where parents get hysterical about eastern European looking people driving round in vans getting hysterical There is then panic because some fool has got their wires crossed.
  3. The service however Is still being run as normal. Parking prankster is the director of a rival service. So saying ' I may decide to participate in a rival service' is a bit disingenuous. It is a bit like saying "I may go on Holiday" when you have already booked the plane tickets. However competition is welcomed by the business and there is nothing wrong with healthy competition. As long as parking companies keep getting beaten. It really doesn't matter who does it as far as I am concerned Any side shows are just that and have no impact on anything customer wise for the business.
  4. Well knowing the caring attitude of the management firm it does not surprise me
  5. I hadn't no. It's hard to try and keep with everything!
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