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  1. In todays culture Chubby seems tame now. You'll hear worse on Keith Lemons show.
  2. Snaily, do you want mass immigration to keep your share prices healthy?
  3. People have had enough of endless mass Immigration into the US from/through Mexico and endless mass migration into Europe thanks to puddled do gooders like you. Immigration used to be sensibly around 30,000 a year, then 300,000 became the norm. Its all gone WAY TOO FAR! You have created Trump, you have created Brexit, and you have given rise to the far right throughout Europe. Well done.
  4. Children being separated from their parents is a result of the clumsy way that immigration authorities on the ground have chosen to implement Trumps policy of getting tough on illegal immigration. Nobody serious believes in this childish narrative that big bad Trump is enjoying seeing children in distress, its an insult to peoples intelligence to suggest this and you embarrass yourself by propagating it on here. You need to be careful because your credibility may end up being irreparably damaged it.
  5. Do you believe that Trump wanted children to be separated from their parents?
  6. I know that you don't think of yourself as a fascist, but that is very fascist of you. *I don't like you politics so...out"*. Shoddy.
  7. If you're dealing with two different companies wholly separately, each of them needn't know about your dealings with the other as it doesn't concern them?
  8. She made that show totally unwatchable; at crucial moments when something happened all you got was that silly bint screaming and that beeping noise to mask her swearing. Ghost adventures is a better show, they're a lot more thorough and professional.
  9. But at 16 you cannot purchase a sharp implement, smoke, or use a sunbed in a tanning salon!
  10. Samonosuke, stop responding to the trolling for gods sake.
  11. When the tv is not on, the difference in feel and atmosphere in the house is a lot better and calmer.
  12. If England reach the final and there is a power cut there will be rioting on the streets.
  13. Which is why the Euro has been a disaster, for Greece, Spain and Italy particularly.
  14. You all just don't want this to be seen as it is which is failed socialism making peoples lives a misery, making them want to live elsewhere.
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