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  1. Hahaha. I know it makes me feel sorry for them tho. To vent behind a computer they must be (or have) push people away. Shame. Thanks for showing me not all users are mean. Lol. X
  2. Do you need more detail? Help you find you way? Not sure if I'm going to get a "smart" comment back but I know I mean well. And iv got the time of day ATM.
  3. Well behaved mare for loan. £10 per day. 3/4 days per week. Yard staff charge extra for fetch in/ turn out if needed. Experienced riders only. Adults preferred. She is well schooled, happy to hack alone or with others, jumps very well. Just a kind animal and wants to please. S10 area. 2 outdoor schools and large enclosed indoor. Any questions please contact me. Thanks.
  4. Hi all I found it a little tricky posting new threads so thought I'd upload this to help others. So you need to go into area of interest though home page...there is no option to add new until you go into it the long way. It's easy once you have done it once or twice. Hope this helps. : )
  5. Don't think anyone can work out how to post a new thread!! Only seems like less peps maybe. X
  6. Hi all. I have a 16.2 warmblood to loan. She is a sensible ride, well schoole and happy to hack Alown ect. Only wanting experienced adults but would be a real confedence giver. 2 or 3 days a week, tuesx and wed need covering. £10 per day. can pay yard staff separately to turn out/fetch in if needed. Stabled in s10 area
  7. Hello everybody. Iv been in Sheffield for 3 month now and a naughbough suggested I come on here. It's interesting. Didn't realise you could sell stuff on here to, bonus. Basically I'm a mature student at "uni of" doing psychology. So I thought this is one way I can chat to people about different topics. It's kind of strand you chat about neuroscience, child development or memory over lunch. Unless I'm with students but they all really young. Anyway, I do have a really good mountain bike, some gym kit (bench and weight) & a light wooded dining room table with four chairs to sell. Pics at the ready. : ) One last thing for my introductory message, someone always seems to have a bee in there bonnet about something on here. Giggles to the rest of us. So sorry about bad spelling, posting in wrong place, title, category ect... Love, laugh - live! Enjoy you day guys Xx
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