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  1. Runningman We last spoke on here about 5 years ago. to be honest I,d forgotten all about this forum till just now when I came across it again quite by accident. I could not believe you were still here after all this time. I have been going over the thread again and the memories of Newfield came flooding back. I live in Bournemouth so I don't get to Sheffield now at all so these trips down memory lane mean alot. I know we exchanged real names by pm but sorry i've lost all that info. I see from one of your posts even more Newfield boys have now left. I will now keep following this forum and keep in touch with all the new threads. Best Regards C---- S--- AKA XC60
  2. I used to go to school (Ellesmere Rd ) with the daughter of the guy who owned the corner shop on Peter St her name was Faye Palfreman. She will be about 70 now.
  3. Yes that sounds about right. I worked for Walter from 1962 - 1969 at Queens Garage, when Westfield Motors went into liquidation He was a really nice guy and a good man to work for.
  4. unless I,m mistaken the Alex was owned by Walter Hattersley who also owned Westfield Motors on West St and Queens Garage on Queens Rd. I do stand to be corrected.
  5. Hi All I,m a late visitor to this topic but have read all the posts. A few of my memories to share, I left Ellesmere about 1958 ish but I do remember Mr Albaya very well as I used to play with his son who was in my class. A couple of names I recall. Faye Palfreman whose parents owned the shop on the corner opposite the school, and Gloria Grounsill (may have spelt her surname wrong). I still have a class photo which I will endeavour to find and post.
  6. I worked at TCH from 1969 in car repair. My very good friend was Paul Salkeld who worked in truck service but I have since lost contact does anybody know of his whereabouts, also what was the name of the guy who gave out the job cards
  7. Hi Smary Thanks for your reply. Paul will be 71 in March this year. Can't remember who he married, I know he had I think 2 sons 1 was Called Craig can't remember the other boys name. Paul was working when I last heard of him as a welder in Sheffield. ---------- Post added 19-01-2018 at 12:41 ---------- Thanks for the pm I do remember now his wife was called Pam, so your info may be what I'm looking for. I'll write to him and see what happens. Thanks again.
  8. Can anyone help me find my cousin Paul Somerset. He used to live in Parson Cross. I lost contact with him after he married and I moved to Bournemouth. Any help would be appreciated.
  9. Hello again R.man Not been on this forum since we last spoke 18 months ago,nice to see Newfield School as a topic again. I,m coming up to Sheffield early Sept for a birthday so hope to get round to see some old familiar places. I,ll keep following this thread see if anyone I know comes on. Regards for now C----
  10. As an ex pat now living in Bournemouth can anyone let me know where I can get hold of the DVD as it certainly won't be on anywhere down here. Thanks
  11. Scousemouse Try THEY !!! I,m out
  12. I fink the spelin and gramer on a lot ov forum,s is atroshus, speshaly as most contributers are adults, and sheffield forum is no exepshun.
  13. Go on line to Charles Tyrwhitt I don't buy shirts from anywhere else. You won't be dissapointed.
  14. It's due out this summer starring Lisa Stansfield and Ricky Tomlinson. Looking at the short trailer looks like a Northern Saturday Night Fever. I presume it will be a cinema release. I was a regular visitor to the twisted wheel in Manchester but never got to The Wigan Casino, Blackpool Mecca or the Torch in Stoke.
  15. How many Northern Soul lovers will be going to see this film due out this summer.
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