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  1. yer and the big deal is......? so what if you have seen a smashed car in southey... its not like its a new thing... get over it.
  2. its not as if its a bad thing! southey green what d you expect? tea dances?
  3. chav---- young lad dresses in tracksuits , trainers and burberry!!! they type lik dis innit man bangin.
  4. Im so happy!! regarding my last post about an electrician (see post in general chat) i am having the last laugh!! He was going on about how he hadnt got the fitting blah blah and he couldnt fix it well guess what!!!.....i fixed it all my own self! It was just a simple unscrewing and replacing the part that holds the bulb!! omg he is supposed to be a fully qualified electritian and he didnt even know that it was a simple thing that needed doing!! lmao im so chuffed! WHO'S HAVING THE LAST LAUGH NOW!??? I AM!!
  5. have you finished now? you are just a bunch of typical men that have nothing better to do than hound the forum incase i post!! HOW SAD!! I wont be back this posting bored me after the second page...cya wouldnt wanna be any of ya!! and for those who dont pay a bit of intrest in owt but s**t im female!!!
  6. i cant stand new year all it is is an excuse to get ****** and its the same every year to me its just another day.
  7. ok comic what ever you say im fed up as it is without you having digs as well!! we askd for help cause no other electricians are working till god knows when so get your facts right:rant:
  8. he is off sheffield forum, we asked for help. and no f..ing way did we pay the git!!
  9. we called someone off here to come and fix our light which was broken in the dining room. a bloke bythe name of johninit said he was an eletrician and would come and have a look for us for 25 quid. He got here i was upstairs cleaning.When he'd gone my husband tells me that this john says its broken... thats it!!!!!! Hes come all this way to come in our homeand tell us its "broken!" That was the whole point of him coming!!! to fix the light!!! I could hve saved him a journey cause i said it was broken!! Is it april fools day or what???? . what a con!!! :rant:
  10. im not at all. i am too worried about the dinner. its my first im cooking for 5 and im cacking it!
  11. some people! duhh it was a bloke in fancy dress if your that dumb to think it was REALLY elvis! I saw him as well .
  12. I need a dining table and chairs delivered to me by friday! Thing is i have to find a place in town that have them quite cheap and will deliver by friday!! any places, Its urgent!???
  13. does anyone know the web address for freecycle its a yahoo group? I cant remember it and its urgent!
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