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  1. As prime minister then it will be Jeremy Corbyn,as conservative leader then Boris Johnson.
  2. You need to get it done pdq, that price is a very reasonable price for that work make sure they use a good quality or MLS type head gasket, all those type of sealants are just temporary and it will fail sooner or later overheating and damaging the engine costing a lot more than 300 quid ...
  3. I was listening about this on radio 4 the other day,there was a guy who had something to do with these tests,he was talking about people who can't work because of incontinence,he was saying there is four levels of incontinence ranging from a bit to complete incontinence, apparently if you are just a bit leaky and you can take a change of clothes to work you have to work. what employer is going to put up with someone disappearing to change their clothes every so often,if you are unable to get to the toilet without help and your working environment can not be adapted to your needs then you maybe exempt from work
  4. My father in law was as introvert as you could get, he was the type of bloke who you could sit in a room with for hours and he would not say a word unless you spoke to him first,,in all the years I knew him I never heard him raise his voice once,he was the absolute opposite to my own father who was a big full of fun loud mouth..I found it very hard to understand my father in law at times he spoke so softly and quiet but when he did say something it was usually spot on and well thought out, I would always consult him when I had problems he always seemed to have the right answer, he's been gone a few years now but I do miss his influence.
  5. Best thing that happened was to kill him with a drone,he certainly would not have been captured without a fight costing probably more lives.
  6. NO dont start it up every so often worst thing you can do you have to get the car to working tempreture to get the oil round all of the engine parts, when you first start it up from cold the cold start choke enriches the fuel washing the lubrication oil from the cylinders, this can cause premature wear to the cylinders,,if you are worried about the battery going flat you can buy a battery charger put it on charge a few days before you need to use it or buy a cheap trickle charger..if it is a diesel engine same again not a good idea to start it up all the time as diesel engines take a lot of warming up and don't usually start warming up properly until they are pulling or working, just ticking over and revving them up stood just doesn't really get a diesel engine warmed up properly as for the batteries used on a diesel engine they have to be in good charge order to start up from cold so it would need to be a good battery fully charged to start it up after being stood for some time.as for the hand brake sticking on when stood yes it can happen as the rust in the drums or calipers can make the shoes or pads hold on.. take the handbrake off and chock the wheels and put it in gear if you park on an incline.
  7. The closer it gets to Christmas the busier the roads get same all over..then after Christmas the roads are deserted people are like lemmings.
  8. I travel around a lot and the most annoying junctions have to the ones where there are two lanes you go to the inside lane and when the car in front moves off there is an arrow on the road pointing left,the traffic on the outside lane goes flying off and you end up having to go left as the cars on the outside would sooner crash into you than let you in...sometimes you can end up driving miles out of your way because of that one wrong turn....
  9. We go to Turkey twice a year sometime we have been three time in the year never had a problem..love the place and the people we have booked for next year not put me off one bit cant wait till next year.
  10. There's a lot of junctions like that around..not in Sheffield but the most annoying junction has to be Mottram hill on the way to Manchester you've been stood in a mile of uphill standing traffic and some ******** comes tramming up the outside lane then thinks they can just cut in at the last second.
  11. When I lived in new Zealand as kid they had pounds shillings and pennies same coins and value as her,they went decimal about 67 time at first it took a bit of getting used to..when I came back to England they had just changed to decimal a few years earlier so it was real easy for me to understand but my Granny had no idea at all, I used to sit with her for hours explaining things but she just could not understand decimal at all,she used go shopping and just open her purse and say just take what you want to the shopkeeper,what gets me angry is things sold and measured meters and liters it just does not comprehend with me.
  12. I'm 6 foot five,when I was younger and before I got married I never had a problem attracting the best looking girls,I used to have a lot of aggro from short ares blokes, is the weather OK up there and all that crap trying to start something when they had a few pints to make themselves look good picking on a big bloke.
  13. My Daughter lost their parrot a few weeks ago they live in the 55 area near the northern general hospital,he was a green parrot.
  14. Yes you are right it is that farm place where I took some tanks of what I think was old milk gone off and real stinky..they have like massive big tanks of stinking liquids there..it really is a bad stinky place I don't know how they get away with it..the stuff just seems to be in big tanks and a big pool full of some disgusting looking stuff.the farm is up the hill on the left from the roundabout at the end of mansfield road A618
  15. My old Dad was a life time Wednesdayite he always said Wednesday seem to have ten good years and then ten crap years,if you look back in the past it seems to be about right,,this is probably the longest bad run they have had so I think they are due a good run,this new manager seems to be putting a decent team together with a few more wins behind them and the confidence growing in the team we should be competing for a least a playoff position this year,I think if CC does get us promoted he will be poached by one of the big teams in the premiership most likely chelsea.
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