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  1. Same with damflask reservoir. Must be a couple of meter down. Walked around it today.
  2. Where is the underbank? Nevermind, got it! ---------- Post added 25-10-2016 at 07:50 ---------- I only mentioned Agden as I'm struggling to find info on that at all. Maybe someone knows. I have seen that shop. I forgot about that one. I'll call in soon. Cheers
  3. I don't mind putting some effort in. It's all part of carp fishing. I can image they are going to be hard to spot on that water. If I know they are there it's a start
  4. Does anyone know if there is carp to be caught in those reservoirs? Lots of talk of big pike/chub/bream in Damflask. Is there any carp in there? I'm finding some info on Rivelin Valley, what about those two reservoirs? Are we allowed to fish it? Do both hold carp? Lovely location it seems. Same question for Agden Reservoir? Just curious. Need a new challenge. I don't like small ponds or aquarium fisheries. I'm not familiar with tackle shops in and around Hillsborough I could go to to acquire some of this info? I'd like to know where they are. Any info is much appreciated. Cheers!
  5. Cheers I will look into it. Ideally looking for non angler prices ---------- Post added 07-11-2015 at 13:26 ---------- is this the place? https://www.google.co.uk/maps/@53.3842043,-1.4492495,3a,75y,210.12h,79.09t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sNOl3cyU1VEmd1rFpqHRHWQ!2e0!7i13312!8i6656!6m1!1e1
  6. Thanks for the replies. BJF Feeds & Laughton Common look like the ones I'm going to check out. I'm trying to balance affordable vs good bait. I'm living 15 minute bike ride from Rother Valley so that Killamarsh pit seems like a good start (it ain't easy I've heard) There some more waters on this end but the resevoirs on the other end seem interesting as well. Scratch22, I've never fished waters that were stocked specifically for carp fishermen. I always looked bigger 'wild' water in Holland, pre bait for a week or two and fished it and just continued. Not catching much but it felt my hard work paid off (rather have a 20-25 pounder than bunch of 10 pounders). I'll be doing something similar again but going to experiment with several types of boilies. (fishmeal, spice, animal feed etc) I'm starting off in spring (when it stops freezing) with 24 hour sessions with a night in the middle and see how it goes. Just preparing and start rolling tons of bait after xmass (Jan/Feb).
  7. I'm aware of fisheries but I don't want to fish those if they have been loaded with carp that can be caught without any pre-thought of feeding, finding hotspots, checking depths etc. I like the process of preparing and live the illusion I found a spot nobody knows about So what biggish reservoirs/lakes around Sheffield can/can't be fished and had some reports of carp being caught? I guess I have to find out the hard way whether those lakes hold big carp. I'm happy with 20-30 pounders. I was amazed you are not allowed to fish Ladybower with groundbait (or something like that) I understood from their website I'm not allowed to boilie fish there. But, again, I don't even know if it holds any carp.
  8. Sorry for the late reply, I thought I was getting a notification when someone replied to my post but I never got any.... I did notice that place you mentioned but when comparing with , for example fishmeal, they seem a bit off in price to what I read on forums on the interweb (not sure if the prices are true). I hoped there was more to pick from... I've never fished in England but just looking at the waters surrounding Sheffield there must be something in it. Damflask, Broomhead, Dale Dyke etc. Not getting much info on reports but would you shout out online that you caught 20/30 odd pounders in your local puddle? I think not PM if you want hehe. (worth a try)
  9. Basically I'm after the usual carp bait powders (soya bean meal, lamlac, fishmeal, animal feeding pellets etc) for a reasonable price. Is there any farm shop in or near Sheffield that sells the stuff which I can pick up? I don't mind picking up 20/25 kg bags. I rather go to a shop than buy it online. Just looking for a new dealer Is semolina available in bulk too? (opposed to raiding asda's shelves) Last time I did this I lived in Holland so its all a bit new to me in England and I have no idea where to get this stuff outside supermarkets. Any help is much appreciated.
  10. yes I got the answer via tramlines on facebook yesterday and also via email today in the newsletter 17:00 it is then Yeeeeeeehhhhh Boooooooooyy!
  11. Does anyone know roughly what time Public Enemy is about to come on? I'm not really interested in the other acts.
  12. Does anyone know roughly what time Public Enemy is about to come on? I'm not really interested in the other acts.
  13. Not sure what spoiling means with this. Does it mean ticking all the boxes making the vote invalid?
  14. I saw it too, that was a massive meteor burning out I reckon looking at youtube vids. (S12 Massive)
  15. I drafted this: http://www.gmap-pedometer.com/?r=5555253 based on the Seven Hills thread and the bottom picture on http://mdfs.net/Docs/Sheffield/Hills/ Just need tweak it a bit in the north I think. This is going to get interesting
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