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  1. Last edited by Boothybabe; 30-04-2014 at 19:25.
  2. Craig's list, I think that can help you with this.
  3. Its easy to work out why the question of who are the Lib Dems today, Toni 'sorry for nothing' Blair put it best when he was asked about the Lib Dem problems with this lot and he said its because for years they to the left of Labour and then adopted policies of the right when they joined the Tories . That one thing he is right about and why people ask what are they all about. I know what Nick Cleggs about, Nick Clegg.
  4. I was saying that they should ditch Nick Clegg as leader, but from what I have just witnessed then these lot need to get rid of Milliband as well. It pains me to say but I think Cameron is going to be the only one comes out looking good from this lot, and a lot of that will be because he has gone off to Europe.
  5. A Labour councillor has just told him what it is what people want and thats a referendum, he did not even answer him but just said 'thanks' and went onto a questioning from someone else ! MILLIBAND YOU ARE AN IDIOT ! ---------- Post added 27-05-2014 at 14:45 ---------- He says he won't have a referendum because he wants to be PM and tackle the cost of living crisis. Then went on to say no one asks him about a referendum.
  6. He started out trying to make a point by saying he has met this lass who is here working hard, she is on 5 n 3 and hour (??????), then went on to say he has met this 65 year old women without even making a point about the one on 5&3 an hour
  7. If ever you thought they he is out of touch then watching his speech here would just confirm it. I felt a little sorry for him, especially at the start.
  8. He finished his speech by saying 'we are going to crack this problem in the course of the afternoon'. Good luck with that one, this arrogant so and so just thinks he can make one pointless speech and it will all just go away.
  9. Ed Millipede is on the news now coming out with some right waffle, just what is he talking about, he is talking but is making no points. He is saying he understands the people that voted for UKIP and its because they are struggling financially. He just does not get it, how has he said he understands UKIP voters and then switch straight back to his cost of living crisis, what a joke. I wish I had recorded this, its so sad seeing these leaders trying to get their heads round what's happened at the election and still missing the point by a country mile. ---------- Post added 27-05-2014 at 14:18 ---------- He is in somewhere called Thurrock, I hope someone youtubes it.
  10. Exactly, for all to see. And if you think me asking if you have been to Howden house and seen that its not just UK citizens wanting social housing and then in your warped mind think that I am saying they are 'jumping the cue' then your dafter than I thought. I told you last time that you have English language issues but I'm not sure you do now, I just think you bigoted mind just puts stuff into peoples posts that are not there in order to fore full what you expect them to say. Desperately backing down ? My post is not edited, its plane as day that I have not said what your suggesting I have. Your a down and out liar.
  11. Yes that's the bloke, it seems Nigel can even make Blair drag himself from under his rock.
  12. No it was what it is, have you been to Howden house ? You stated that it was wrong for UK citizens and I pointed out that Howden house as a lot of immigrants seeking rehousing, but had you ever been to Howden house then you would have known that was a fact. Now why did you just state UK citizens in your post and why are you lying again, saying I said something that I have not ? Where do I say anyone bypasses anyone, please liar show me.
  13. You tell me ? I know people that have waited years. I never said they did by pass it, so stop topping it up what I say. I only mentioned them because you choose to omit them from your post and state: Social housing is not just being occupied by UK citizens, and I never said that anyone bypassed anything, but the fact that there is all these other immigrants here competing for the dwindling housing stock does not help anyone. ---------- Post added 27-05-2014 at 13:20 ---------- Wow I did not know we had that many council houses in Sheffield ! Ok so I am being a pratt, I know you meant nation wide, but how many social houses are there in the UK and what percentage is 50,000 ? Also I am willing to go out on a limb here and suggest that a lot of that 50,000 will be down London where rents are stupidly inflated and where people can earn good money from sub letting.
  14. In the other thread I state that the problem for us and EU migrants (ect) is if people are sub letting their social housing, although now you mention it they are a burden on housing and don't help the shortfall of social housing available. ---------- Post added 27-05-2014 at 13:06 ---------- Well said, the confusion is that if you are not 'pro' immigration and EU expansion then that somehow makes you racist. You can only accuse someone wrongly so many times before they say 'you know what who cares' and then end up becoming what they are accused of. The more people rattled on about UKIP being racist, the stronger the support for them became. tzijlstra, you have pulled the race card out more than most on this forum and even if you were talking sense people would still choose not to listen to you.
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