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  1. I've not seen it at all, tried 3 browsers on my laptop and ipad
  2. Thanks, It was more spectacular over the summer.
  3. Double Rainbow over the back garden.
  4. I think by my time there 1976 onwards until she moved up the road when the house was demolished it may have changed. Now if only I could remember the name of the Chinese on the corner of Myrtle road 🤔
  5. What the_bloke says for the VHS-C tapes. As for the DV tapes, how many have you got that need transferring?
  6. He was correct in his information, I’m a Mac user and other half likes her dell and I was having trouble upgrading her to a bigger ssd. if it was a Mac I’d be all over it, but the other side is a nightmare. “This is what happens when you only read the title, and not the post!! or 1/2 read and guess the rest ” x
  7. Woohoo, managed to do it with the link you posted. Thanks apelike 👍
  8. Hi GF ssd is full and I've tried 3 times to clone the new bigger ssd drive I've bought, I can clone it but its only the size it is now, can't figure how to use the extra space. Tried using macrium reflect but can't do it that way!! Can someone give a Mac user and idiots guide to doing this, wish she'd have a macbook but "no I like my Dell" 😆 Thanks
  9. Glad I saw this thread, I was trying to think of the pub on Alexandra rd, the Myrtle, when I stopped at my grans who lived opposite it was entertaining on a Friday and Saturday at closing 🤣
  10. It wasn’t in the best of health and not fastened to the stack securely plus the coax on the roof had holes all over it, new house and all that, start with new
  11. Can you not point your aerial towards Emily Moor? I knew in advance that we would loose some channels we liked and as we also needed a new aerial I had one fitted and pointed at EM and all channels were there.
  12. And not forgetting the big pots of cash given last October and this July https://www.thestar.co.uk/news/politics/mystery-over-councils-emergency-grant-sheffield-international-venues-2913865
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