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  1. I don't know about ASAP, I've just done my XS to 13.1 and there's a few bugs in it. As for the parent issue, they don't like change 🤣
  2. For anyone still using one (my parents) remind/tell them to do the ios upgrade to keep the phone working. https://www.ilounge.com/news/apple/apple-sets-november-3-as-deadline-for-iphone-5-ios-1034-update
  3. My first port of call would be to your bank. If you sent or authorized via DD or SO a payment to be made and there was a problem in it being sent at the banks end they should have informed you. Since it was a monthly payment did you not check your bank statements and realise it had not been paid?
  4. Modern Blinds in Hillsborough may be able to do it.
  5. And if its a company beginning with C who hold the lease walk away.
  6. Has she been back and asked at all the shops around there? Edit your number off here and ask for PM's Ask the police if its been handed in. Personally I'd contact the embassy and sort out another ASAP
  7. I was peeved when they took away my one sim package but TBH my contract now with 3 is £17.43pm with 30gigs of data unlimited calls and texts and the feel at home package, this in itself has saved me loads over the years, one US trip I used my phone as a sat nav and they said I'd saved £1300!! On the subject of towers, my lads live in Stocksbridge and the phone part was ok but the 4G coverage never worked, something to do with upgrading the mast but couldn't access the land it was on apparently.
  8. if you find anyone give me a shout, tried most of them on the list sent via the council, 2 never replied and 4 others couldn't be bothered unless there was a few in the same area.
  9. Bit of an update. A policeman turned up and took some details and also left a shed alarm for her, looks like a few were broken into and some things did get lifted.
  10. Routes and bins info is available here https://www.sheffield.gov.uk/home/roads-pavements/winter-road-pavement-issues
  11. Just heard someone broke into one of my relations shed last night, they must've been disturbed as nothing was taken so keep vigilant. 101 was called. FYI Remington Road, S5 area.
  12. Sorry, was wanting a BBQ and even though its been warm today the night are drawing in so wanted a bit more sunshine! 😎
  13. Could you not have it rebuilt? Would these be able to help https://www.cityseals.co.uk/
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