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  1. I’ve given you one way to change it from the default way. i could be wrong but safari will always default to screen size.
  2. try right clicking on the pdf in safari, a window should appear asking about sizes
  3. Highlight the image and hold down the ctrl key and click on the image, a window will appear and you select open with and PS should be there. You can also right click on the image and do the same with either a mouse or trackpad. You can also do get info and near the bottom it will say "Open With" by selecting it here it will try to open all other files that have the same tag with PS.
  4. call the cops, you shouldn't be intimidated like that
  5. And will it not connect online to recover? cmd+R
  6. Why would you want that when a recovery partition is there? https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT201314
  7. Not being rude at all. Are you talking about Rotherham Lane/High Street? Why would you move somewhere which has a very long history of parking problems and incidents of transport getting stuck then moan about it. As for not knowing about the village, I lived in Thurcroft from 1969 to 1984, my parents still live there, lots of my family and friends still live around the surrounding villages, I worked in Brookhouse at the Cartwheel in the 80s, my gran and uncle lived in Laughton Common and I went to Sunday school at All Saints as a kid, clearly I do.
  8. Eh? Thurcroft end of Laughton, its miles apart 😆
  9. Jesus, Julie Dore in HD and surround sound 🤣
  10. If your looking around that way and want rural, then there's: Brookhouse Slade Hooton Carr Hooton Levitt Ulley Brampton en le Morthen Morthen Moat Lane Bits of Wickersley Firbeck Letwell Thorpe Salvin Others also and TBH some of the bigger areas have nice bits.
  11. Wait for a downpour and as soon as you see it in the bathroom, shoot into the loft and video or take pictures of it coming in.
  12. If you want to try another browser have a look at DuckDuckGo https://duckduckgo.com/app I use it on my laptop and iPad and find it quick and easy to use and on the iPad it has a little flame logo you press to clear tabs,cache and data
  13. I didn't know that! Where would I download it from? Cheers
  14. Have a talk to these guys https://www.sybsgroup.co.uk/
  15. If you're close by S5 you could drop them in here http://www.aspire-sheffield.co.uk/
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