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  1. Looking to do the house and can't decide between Tredaire Jazz or Cloud9 Cumulus. Anyone have these fitted?
  2. Don’t forget DuckDuckGo, an excellent browser
  3. Ah,ok, I’ll check my deeds, seem to think it was a woman though. I know when mine was built to the month as there was a rolled up newspaper used for packing the front windowsill 😀
  4. Up to a few years ago I lived on there in one of the house built in 1935 overlooking the stone ones. Not a long time resident though as I only moved there in 1988, wonder if he had anything to do with mine as I'm still trying to buy the lease.
  5. iPost is now part of DHL www.ipostparcels.co.uk, lots of stuff I get from Germany tends to come DHL and is always delivered on time and the tracking is good.
  6. I know, however you presume I have the necessary skills and temperament to do such a job 😆
  7. Was just gonna say them although I think they're part of DHL now? Not knowing the parcel dimensions I would think £40+ depending on the level of insurance needed.
  8. Thanks all, knives only worth £50 and feel a proper repair would be better than glue. I did try the German company who made it but they were unhelpful.
  9. I have nice kitchen knife and some of the rivets have come out of the handle, its not an expensive one but don't want to throw it away, can anyone recommend where in Sheffield I could get it fixed?
  10. A vinyl afternoon for me with Suicide, Neu and Joy Division but will be doing some Sparks later to lighten the mood 😁
  11. Finger crossed, still doesn’t change the fact her parents left her alone and haven’t been charged.
  12. A Founding father of modern electronic music has become unplugged. So sad 😪 https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment_and_arts
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