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  1. Cheers, and just around the corner from my parents!
  2. Hi I have a number of these that need servicing and frequency matching, anyone now of somewhere local that could do it? Thanks
  3. Another synthetic hero unplugged before his time 😪
  4. I'd speak to http://www.moorgateacoustics.co.uk/ or if you want the rolls royce service and can send them away https://www.technics-service.co.uk/
  5. Ch49 on mine. Stick your details in here to see what you should receive https://www.freeview.co.uk/
  6. Anyone know where to get the newer testing kits from? A friend has just had some delivered and they're much easier you just have to swab each nostril. https://www.dropbox.com/s/e08fbk8e2jgm90j/IMG_1008.jpeg?dl=0
  7. Here's an odd one, my mum sent a parcel to my niece, addressed correctly and on the returns mums post code and surname. later that evening she had a text on her mobile saying that not enough postage had been paid and to click the link to make payment, obviously she didn't. Anyone else had this, I find it hard to believe it was random but can't explain it as the item was still in the system and not delivered until the next morning.
  8. Its also worth pointing out that for any gig/ festival the people entertaining us and crew etc STILL don't have any kind of support or insurance. Bang goes your gig/ festival if any of your headliners test positive on the day.
  9. and then there's just copper all the way, like my office in the centre of town, today's speed is: 4.61Mbps download and 0.73 upload!
  10. Give them a buzz before taking it to the tip, when I saw Dave a few months ago who runs the place he was asking if I had any CRT monitors as he couldn't get enough as people were after them for old gaming machines and I did drop some off.
  11. That's not totally true. While they do refurb and sell systems on, they also strip and recycle loads of electronic stuff plus if any of the monitors are CRT they'd be very interested.
  12. I was always partial to Chubbys burger with cheese sauce after a sesh in the limit 🤣
  13. Getting a sofa from the big stores I've found to be a bit of a false economy. If you do manage to get a refund why not look at getting one made. Nearly all of my family have been going to Archers for years. I had one made last year, 3 & 2 seater to my dimensions with a good fabric and very firm support and cushions as my other half has a slipped disc and its great. They don't have a website but you'll find them on 01709 828975 or at Field View, Brinsworth S60 5BU
  14. There's a few slightly over at 49.5cm that are front loaders after that others I've seen are 40cm wide and are top loaders. https://ao.com/product/zwc1301-zanussi-washing-machine-white-23730-1.aspx?utm_medium=affiliates&utm_source=EMVIDOR+LIMITED&utm_campaign=Content|63535&utm_content=0&sv_campaign_id=63535&sv_tax1=affiliate&sv_tax2=&sv_tax3=EMVIDOR+LIMITED&sv_tax4=0&sv_affiliate_id=63535&awc=19526_1619077796_bb6c4b4520f4b9ffb06aba24045f43c7 https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B08VJCG94V?tag=ukh-21&linkCode=osi&th=1&psc=1
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