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  1. I don't know if this may help but Sophos might work https://bestfreeipadapps.com/sophos-for-ipad-free-download/#/?playlistId=0&videoId=0, its in the app store.
  2. If you need to purchase the wood and have it cut to size then as Nikki has said Richardsons, Steve is really good. If however its something you have and need cutting then I doubt he'll be able to help.
  3. I wish they'd put an indicator on the TV guide to say its a repeat, R for example, now where have I seen that done before 🤔
  4. I'm actually speechless. Got my Hastings renewal quote Feb 1st, £328 last year £344 this year, went online to check comparison sites and had to do a double take as Aviva were quoting me £224 fully comp and that wasn't the cheapest!! I went through all the details with a fine toothed comb and it was correct. However, then I had the 35min wait time with Hastings to cancel my renewal and spend another 10mins going through my details to see if they could match it, they couldn't and then argue with them as they would only say I had 9+ years of NCD (I have 14) fortunately I never delete important emails and found my previous 2 NCD pdfs so submitted those and today they sent me the correct paper work to upload to Aviva. The money saved will go towards my house insurance due in April and knowing my luck it'll have gone up massively 😆
  5. I seem to have all of them with a few that’s moved, I’m in Ecclesfield and when my aerial broke had a new one fitted and aimed at Emily Moor. 64 Freesports 70 Quest Red+1 76 gone but now 80s is on 83 83 Now 80s and Together TV +1 Is now 88 86 More4+1 87 Together TV 88 Together TV+ 91 PBS America 92 gone 93 PBS America +1 96 Forces TV 106 BBC FOUR HD 107 BBC News HD 111 QVC HD 112 QVC Beauty HD 113 RT HD 114 QUEST HD 205 CBeebies HD
  6. Depends on your bank, mines £500.
  7. Order now made and delivery in a few weeks as I want black. thanks all for your input 👍
  8. And you're the winner. The guy who built them in the 80s has just been in touch and said "Yes, they are 6/32 and the length is 3/8"
  9. Shaws, Uk fixings, screwfix, toolstation, sheffix, wickes, BQ Richardsons, Purdys and a few others can't help. Hopes are high though as I've found a working email address for the bloke who build them 🤞
  10. Probably, will investigate further tomorrow, don't mind 100 laying around. Thanks
  11. It’s for 2 machines and yes 😀 2 old and rare drum machines, I could use any old bolts/screws but they’d need to be black. Going to try Shaws tomorrow and take it from there. I’ve found most places won’t sell small amounts even if I send one for sizing. Having put so much effort into rebuilding them especially the power supplies, I may as well go all out finding the right fixings.
  12. Hi I could for 6 of them but some of them will just be the screws going into threads that are part of the device.
  13. 1 size and normal threads, 10mm long and 3mm diameter captive washer can be separate.
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