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  1. Reeds Rain and Sheffield Residentials Anyone have any reviews for either of these companies? I'd like to know how well they treat the tenants for managed properties. Thanks!
  2. Are you talking about Bollywood? Thats definitely Indian.
  3. Olive Garden (chain Italian) is a nice place to eat in Times Square. Don't order starters because they give a huge bowl of salad as well as bread sticks for free. I was full after just that! I want to go back to the states just to have the salad there again.....
  4. It's good for making lower fat dips. Last time I bought some, I was in Tescos.
  5. Well they already know because you told them so don't worry about it. It will probably stop anyway so you can just start it up again.
  6. I didn't know about the third film but they are based on a book trilogy so makes sense! Might read the books though.
  7. Unfortunately they are all musicals with pretty much the same Romeo and Juliette story line, stopped watching them years ago but I do have a couple of faves that I keep. I just find it hard to sit there for 3 hours to watch the same thing again and again!
  8. Night Watch and Day Watch (Russian) - fantastic Shaolin Soccer and Kung Fu Hustle were hilarious If you don't mind lovey dovey for 3 hours, take a peep at Bollywood (very colourful).
  9. Fair enough that the landlord pays for marketing and drawing up contracts but why do potential tenants get charged £100+ just to do a credit check. I bet it costs them no where near that amount.
  10. I've viewed a tonsillectomy, it's not too bad. My brother had it done when he was 3 and was running around the day after. Better to have it done than suffer again and again.
  11. I've been trying to sell my flat for a few months but had hardly any interest and marketed to rent out. I found someone in 3 days. I'm lucky I don't have to sell because I doubt dropping the price greatly will encourage buyers. Unfortunately these rabbit hutches are aimed at first-time young buyers who want to live in the city but these people can't get mortgages at the moment.
  12. Mine were the most painful when I was on the pill, it hurt to even put my bra on. The changes in hormones made me retain a lot of water, especially there. Have you recently started the "rod"? I'm in my late 20's and mine are still growing but thats because I'm putting on weight
  13. Maybe he didn't realise bacon came from an animal?
  14. There are definitely a lot of people who think the area code is 01142, as they are forever calling up the university by accident due to dialing too many 2s and then insisting that this is the correct number arghhhh.
  15. I actually refused because I genuinely didn't want the card anymore but £10 could be useful to someone else who isn't as well off.
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