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  1. Hi Mate, I am very much interested in this post! I am a singer looking to join a band, and a lot of the singers that you mentioned happen to be my favourites, especially Bob Dylan, Stones and The Who. Do you fancy a jam? I am also intermediate at guitar, and can also play harmonica. Cheers
  2. I've DM'd you pal ---------- Post added 15-02-2017 at 09:59 ---------- Hi mate, i'm free monday and tuesday next week after 5 o clock at night. Do you want to book a room? Cheers Dan
  3. Hi Leo, I'd deffo be up for that. I love all bands you mentioned, plus Costello and Johnny Cash as mentioned in earlier posts (Would love to jam to Johnny Cash) When you available? Thanks
  4. Hi, I am a singer, and can play rhythm guitar. Also looking to form a band or jam and write songs.
  5. Hello everyone, I'm Dan and I am a presenter on Sheffield Hospital Radio. We get a lot of listeners in the Hallamshire, Northern General, Weston Park & Jessops, as well as people who can pick up our AM frequency on 14:31 (We've had someone in Stranraer listen before!) Anyway, I am looking to create a new feature called 'Tomorrows Future'. This feature will be me plugging a musician from South Yorkshire, i.e give the listeners some info regarding the artist, tour dates and finish off with a song. If you would like your song playing on the radio then please get in touch with me and I will be happy to play a song from your repertoire! Many Thanks Dan
  6. Hi Steve, I've been playing guitar properly about 18 months. I can manage a rhythm job, but not good enough for lead. What kind of artists do you cover? Thanks
  7. Hi, my name is Dan I am 19 years old. I have been singing since I was 5 and have been in a few bands. My favourite bands include Beatles, Arctic Monkeys, The Jam, The Who, The Kinks, Rolling Stones, Buzzcocks, Ordinary Boys, The Police, Pulp, Bowie, Squeeze, Dylan and stuff like that. Id love to either join a band as a singer (can also play rhythm guitar) or create a band with others. Please get in touch, it would be great to hear from you! Cheers!
  8. Oreyt! I am very interested in this ad. I sing vocals and play rhythm guitar. Love the britpop era, plus also mod bands like The Who, Jam, plus others like Beatles and Stones. Can drop me an email if you like on danielrobertsimpkins@hotmail.co.uk Thanks! Dan
  9. There was an old man called Jim Who thought that his life was dim So he approached a vicar On the street in the wicker and bent down and licked on his rim
  10. Golden Lion is the best after a home match. I am the DJ with Penny Arcade on about 70000000000000000000000000000 times haha
  11. I made a thread about no bacon in subway on london road and it turned into a racist rant haha!
  12. I am a careful driver. So why is it that people in my age group have to spoil it for the rest of us?
  13. Who was your favourite teacher at school and why? Did they go the extra mile? Mine was Miss Cartwright from Rivelin Primary School. I can't stress how much she cared about each student. She was one of the most nicest people i have ever had the pleasure of meeting. Who's yours?..
  14. That Andre Marriner was bloomin' afwul yesterday. United deserved a stone cold penalty. Also i don't know if Fulham should have had a pen. It was a foul by Long but you need to take conditions into consideration. Whats your views?
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