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  1. The problem with selling a collection like that on ebay is the postage. I have a complete collection of Crash magazines from the 80's that I want to get rid of and have the same problem.
  2. Hi, Can anyone recommend somewhere to buy cheap printable CD-R and DVD-R in Sheffield please? Ta!
  3. The police in this country will do and say anything to avoid lifting a finger. They're a national disgrace.
  4. Oh no! I was one of those nutters but as I was only 10 I can't remember the music clearly. I do remember that music from Saturday Night Fever was played very often so maybe something from that?
  5. Basic comprehension failure. I didn't accuse PC World of anything, go back and read it again.
  6. OpenDNS is excellent, I recommend it even if you don't need to filter anything.
  7. One option for you to consider is to self-train for MCITP or similar qualification. I did this back in the days of NT4. Buy the book Set up a "lab" which can be a single PC running VMWARE Work through the course Test yourself with sample questions until you know it 100%, there are loads online. Take the test which costs < £100 It took me a couple of months studying in my spare time. The total cost was about £150 not including the PC which I already owned. That got me my first job in IT.
  8. Indeed, the fuzz rely on credulous idiots spamming forums with their propaganda.
  9. The police are a notoriously hopeless source of information on the law, if they knew what they were talking about they'd be working as solicitors or barristers. The average flat-foot beat-walker knows about as much of the law as my Labrador. Ask a qualified lawyer or don't bother.
  10. Agreed, so a sensible, responsible parent will keep their children far from harm. The roads aren't a playground even if covered in snow.
  11. The roads are for licensed motor vehicles, if an irresponsible parent allows young children to play on the road then they take responsibility for what happens to them A good parent will take their children to the park, irresponsible parents push their kids out on to the street unsupervised then whine when they are killed by a passing motorist who has every right to be there. If the kids remain on the pavement there is no problem but young children don't do that. They rush out into the road and then the negligent parent seeks to blame the innocent motorist.
  12. Where were the parents? What kind of irresponsible idiot allows kids of that age to play on the public highway? Shouldn't someone call social services? It's obvious that the parents are inadequate.
  13. Keep the kids off the road! Road are for motor vehicles! Only irresponsible parents let kids play on the roads.
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