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  1. Diffrent area of city but I stopped a police car that was stationary at the bus stop I was at and asked why they hadn,t stopped an off road biker that had screeched by and all he could say was that they couldn't stop them in case they caused an accident ???? Well I tell u this if they were the morons that took any of my family's life while they were enjoyin their drug fuelled enjoyment then they should pay for that with their own life !!!! What is happnin with the criminal justice system in this country ??? We have got our current prime minister to thank for that.
  2. Absolutely ridiculous government actions once again ! I have lived at my property since 1st April 1996 and have a secure tenancy agreement. During the last 18 years there have been times when I have claimed housing benefit and times when I have not. . Last year I became unemployed and after paying full rent for a number of years I am now claiming housing benefit so I get caught up in the bedroom tax shambles. Now feel I am being backed into a corner to move to a smaller property which I hasten to add is a hard task because most people affected by this tax will be looking to down size so subsequently there arent many one bedroomed properties to be had. This is unfair why should it be one rule for 1 and 1 for another ???
  3. u reckon ? I go runnin most days not like the old manor used to be
  4. its no joke he,s moving to bulgaria in a couple o weeks need to find out more about im L O L
  5. hi this is a long shot but i met a very handsome man with a boxer dog on manor fields yesterday he has a very soft scottish accent any 1 no him ?
  6. Good for pulling women lol ! Was on the receiving end of hot tub chat up line very nice experience I have to say middle of summer nice music fine wine what more could a girl want and the company wasn,t bad either
  7. Was walking down City Road today when two alsations came running up side by side, thought this was strange as there didnt seem to be anyone with them just wondered if anyone else had seen them ?
  8. I was a pupil at waltheof from 1973-77 Remember mr cooper very well was my form teacher at one stage made us sit in alphabetical order and because my surname began with a Y i had to sit on my own remember being told bout the hanging out the window incident horrible little man
  9. Did Castle today not many runners think the rain had something to do with it was ok tho fancy dress for the next 2 runs ! (optional )
  10. Was freeeezin ! not a good turnout yest and atmosphere not as usual we were missing some of our key volunteers but stil njoyd
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