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  1. Hello! Funky drummer looking for some kind of musicians to get back to drumming regularly again. Been playing for around 10 years on and off, got gig experience and have transport. In my mid 30’s (lost track of exact age after I hit 30). Happy to join an existing band or start new, or just find some people who want to jam regularly and see what occurs. Looking for something funk/fusion/rock/blues. Any or all of those! My influences include Billy Cobham, Steve Gadd, Snarky Puppy, Porcupine Tree, the list could go on. PM or reply if you think I might be capable of hitting things (roughly) in time for you. Cheers!
  2. Swingsheff: We currently practice Wednesday Nights but might be able to be a little flexible if required. I'd want to be able to pop down to practice drums at least one other night a week though. What do you mean by residential room? I can only imagine you are sat in someones living room! Andrejuan: Can be flexible but at a minimum I would guess around 5x5m... Though my guesswork is pretty poor.
  3. Hello, I'm looking to rent a room for drumming and band practice. 24/7 access, monthly rental (not just a pay-per-night like most seem to be). Either just for me and my band or shared with 1 or 2 other groups if needs. So long as there's parking nearby, the room is secure and has electricity, that's all that is needed! Are there any websites out there for searching for rooms? Are there any people on this forum right now who own rooms? Or anyone who can point me in the right direction? Who is Keyser Soze? Any contacts or advice would be much appreciated! Cheers.
  4. Word. Bassist and Drummer here, working on some original material Funk (with a capital F) with some slight Jazz/fusion twists thrown in. For now we're looking for a guitarist and keyboard player (may grow in time). Must be incredibly groovy. Influences are many but include Federation of the Disco Pimp, James Brown, PB Underground, Snarky Puppy etc... Wanting to get some dancey upbeat funk but also a few slightly experimental tunes for the fun! Aim is to gig (maybe record a bit too one day) but not to take too seriously. PM me or respond if you're interested and fancy a jam, or just want to know more!
  5. Hi, Drummer here if your interested? 30 years old, interested in blues and funk, wide variety of influences, only fashion preference is a trilby on occasion. Oh, I love lamp.
  6. Ill have whatever the cookie monster has, he always looks way too happy.
  7. Hi, Drummer here if your after one? I like Soul, with a capital S!
  8. Hi, I'm a drummer looking for some experience working with other musicy types and gigging, been playing for about 4 years but picked it up pretty quick (also play guitar and Bass). I Have multiple project ideas of my own that could have potential as a live set up (with a little help), but I'm quite happy to join existing bands. Preference is Funk, blues or dance in that order, no hardcore metal (I don't have a double kick pedal so wouldn't qualify anyway)! I do have some recordings of my drumming (from previous band) but cant post a link yet, so pm me your contact details if interested and Ill email/text/carrier pigeon it to you.
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